Amy’s Final Jeopardy

My thoughts after seeing “Jeopardy!” champion Amy Schneider’s 40-game streak come to an end tonight — with Ken Jennings ratcheting up the tension like a great sportscaster.

Schrödinger’s Jeopardy

I love this quote from Claire McNear’s piece on how the show’s champions have to keep their success a secret for months until their episodes air.

“Jeopardy!” Then Vs. Now

As Amy Schneider continue to rack up victories on “Jeopardy!” I answer some complaints about the show and compare surviving such a long streak to winning the World Series Of Poker.

TV Review: “After Life”

I’ve just binge-watched the third season of Ricky Gervais’ Netflix series. Some might call it a cringe comedy, but I found it remarkably romantic and truly poignant at times. Here’s my review.

Betty White

There are plenty of obits of Betty White that mention her roles on “The Golden Girls,” “The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” and tons of game shows — but here’s the piece of her Wikipedia bio that shocked me.

Here’s To You, Wendy!

Upon reading of the retirement of longtime Washington DC reporter/anchor Wendy Rieger, here are my memories of the first time I saw her on TV and the many times she guested on my radio show.

Bad TV Flashbacks

Unable to sleep the other night, I turned on the TV and watched episodes of two shows that were huge in the 1960s. What they revealed is how much lower our standards for quality TV were compared to today.

TV Review: “Money Heist” Final Five

“Money Heist” was one of our lockdown binge-watching favorites, so of course we had to see what its final five episodes had in store when they began streaming on Netflix this weekend. Here’s my review.

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