Mental Misfires

Like anyone who’s had to perform under pressure, I can relate to what Matt Amodio says (in a piece for Newsweek) contributed to his losing on “Jeopardy!” after 38 consecutive victories. Here’s an excerpt, with my comments appended.

The Amodio Rodeo Ends

Here’s my explanation of how Matt Amodio’s “Jeopardy!” win streak came to an end after 38 games, why he has nothing to hang his head about, and how his example will hopefully inspire other players going forward.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I feel badly for the “Jeopardy!” contestants being mowed down by Matt Amodio, who’s now won 23 games in a row. Claire McNear interviewed him, as well as some of his victims, for this new piece I recommend for all fans of the show.

Petition Grievances

What does a popular 18-year-old YouTube personality have to do with last week’s recall election in California? It comes down to one word: petitions. Let me explain.

You Bet Your Leno

Jay Leno’s new version of “You Bet Your Life” is so bad it reminds me of another disaster he starred in 35 years ago — which his manager threw me out of. Here’s the story.

“Come From Away” Comes To TV

I have raved about the musical “Come From Away” ever since I saw it on Broadway four years ago. Now a filmed version of the stage show has debuted on Apple TV+. Here’s why I recommend it so strongly.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred has compiled an oral history of the first season of “The Amazing Race.” I’ve seen every episode of the show, so I found reading about how it was put together on the fly quite fascinating.

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