Jon Stewart’s Ridiculous Rant

Here’s why I was surprised to see Jon Stewart go off on a rant about the origins of COVID-19, in which he sounded just like the kind of TV personalities he used to mock on “The Daily Show.”

Best Thing I Read This Week

Greg Bardsley explains why we should throw ticker tape parades for (and sing the praises of) scientists who worked on COVID-19 vaccines while the rest of us freaked out.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Derek Thompson writes about why you don’t have to worry about wiping down your mail or touching surfaces others have touched, and that businesses that promote how well they’re cleaning are offering nothing more than “hygiene theater.”

Grant Imahara

I was saddened to hear of the sudden death of former “Mythbusters” co-star Grant Imahara at age 49. Here’s a conversation I had with him a few years ago about that show and a new project he did with Kari and Tory for Netflix.

Still Not In It Together

Here’s another in my series of pieces on how, when it comes to the coronavirus, we are not all in it together, thanks to the deniers, liars, and other covidiots.

The Swedish Lie

Next time someone says the US should have followed Sweden’s lead in allowing COVID-19 to run its course, infecting a lot of people who would then build up antibodies to fight it and moving the country towards herd immunity faster, share this to explain why they are wrong.

Time To Reboot “Meteor”

A recent newspaper story about NASA’s plans to slam a spacecraft into an asteroid to change its course reminds me of a real stinker from the era of all-star, big-budget disaster movies.

A Herd Already Immune

Our society won’t be able to return to anything approaching normalcy until enough people are inoculated with an effective vaccine for COVID-19. But I have serious doubts we can count on enough of our fellow citizens to get the shot. Read on.