Are We There Yet?

Just a few more election-related thoughts I have to throw out before the ballot-counting begins. Plus, links you can use to follow my snarky live-tweeting of the voting-in-person experience this afternoon and election coverage tonight.

Nothing Matters Except Your Vote

I’m the only member of my family who hasn’t voted yet. Here’s why I’m waiting until Tuesday afternoon to cast my ballot in person — with the full knowledge that the only way to achieve political change in the US is to vote.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Tom Downey explains how, if they take control of both houses of Congress and the White House in this election, Democrats can help restore democracy by revamping Congress — and thus the Electoral College — without having to amend the Constitution.

Bad Biden

Here’s why Lorne Michaels made a mistake bringing in Jim Carrey to play Joe Biden in the cold open political sketches on “Saturday Night Live.”

Just Like I Predicted

My prediction from Friday about what Trump would do when he got out of the hospital — and how his sycophants in right-wing media would react — has proven absolutely correct.