The Day After

The Day After: I have lots to say about yesterday’s attack on the US Capitol by Trump cult members, including questions about why the Capitol Police and FBI didn’t know what to expect after plans were posted publicly on right-wing social media.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Politico has put together a list of some of the biggest predictions made in 2020 that were flat out wrong (by Trump, Pence, Pelosi, Carville, Begala, Mulvaney, Cruz, Elon Musk, and others). Hurray for accountability!

You Were All On The Same Ballot

I have a few questions about the latest Trump-backed lawsuit to overturn the election, which has gotten support from almost half the GOP members of Congress, but which is almost certainly doomed to fail at the Supreme Court.

Tired Of Winning Yet?

A few thoughts about yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling against Trump, which seems like the 1,000th time his legal geniuses have lost in court, who in aggregate remind me of a Monty Python character.

Mr. Perspective’s Election Review

I must once again assume the role of Mr. Perspective, this time with a rear-view-mirror look at the many prognostications about the 2020 presidential election that never came to be.

An Election Analogy

Allow me to utilize a simple sports analogy to explain why the whining from Trump and his acolytes over the election will not change the result.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post compiled several examples of how badly Trump’s legal teams are doing in courts across the country with their spurious lawsuits over the election results.

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