Petition Grievances

What does a popular 18-year-old YouTube personality have to do with last week’s recall election in California? It comes down to one word: petitions. Let me explain.

A Law Firm For Our Times

Comedy Central took out full-page ads for “The Daily Show” in today’s NY Times and LA Times promoting Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons, a law firm for those who stormed the Capitol on 1/6. Here’s what it says.

A Cautionary Joe Manchin Tale

An episode of “The West Wing” came to mind as a cautionary tale about Joe Manchin, the senator who’s blocking his Democratic colleagues from killing the filibuster and passing a new voting rights act.

Don’t Give Him Credit

I saw an article claiming the decline in ratings for the cable news networks in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year was proof that those outlets missed having Trump drive viewership. Nope, that’s wrong.

A New Low For Dumb Questions

Here’s my reaction to the incredibly dumb questions asked by not one, but two White House reporters during Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference yesterday — and why young progressives must stop being so impatient with him.

Being Better Begins

A few weeks ago, a friend asked, “Do you think things will be better as soon as Biden takes over?” Here’s my answer.

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