A Pool Day In Vegas

Unsurprisingly for noon on a June day in Vegas, it was hot, somewhere north of 90 degrees. Yet there’s something about sitting within 10 feet of a swimming pool that reduces the heat factor — or so I tell myself.

That Reminds Me Of A Joke

The guy who bet all his money ($85,000) on Tiger Woods winning the Masters — and claims it was his first bet ever — reminds me of my second-favorite Las Vegas joke, even though the outcome was different.

Another Vegas Trip Report

A few stories from another weekend in Vegas, including a visit to a Fan Cave, a confusing casino, a bad restaurant, and a pantsless tourist.

Wanna Bet?

A piece about some of the wacky prop bets I’ve witnessed, been part of, or heard about around a poker table (most of them don’t involve cards).

Degen Gambler Story Of The Day

A guy bet $100,000 that he could stay in a dark bathroom with no outside communication or electronic devices for a month. Before I even read the full story, I knew the guy was under 35, with no wife, no kids, and no...

Short Deck Hold’em

I recently became aware of a new poker variant I hadn't heard of before, but has apparently been around for a couple of years: Short Deck Hold'em. It's played the same as regular Hold'em, except all the twos, threes, fours, and fives are removed from the deck (which...

More Vegas Stories

A few more stories from my most recent trip to Las Vegas... For years, there has been a flat-panel truck driving up and down The Strip, day and night, advertising "Hot Babes Direct To You -- Girls That Want To Meet You," with pictures of scantily-clad young women...

Slow Going In Vegas

For a long time, the Vegas Strip has been nearly impassable via car. Particularly on a weekend night, the volume of traffic makes everyone crawl at a snail's pace. Back in the days when I rented a car each time I was there, I knew the side streets and back entrances...