Charles Grodin

Some memories of the late actor, who played deadpan on screen better than anyone. He had a long and varied career, but was never better than in one of the all-time great road movies. Here’s a scene that captures his talent perfectly.

POTD: Is That The Special?

From the “Restaurants My Wife Would Never Go Back To” file. As you watch the video, take note of the woman standing on a chair while everyone else at her table remains seated.

POTD: Letters Live

For the Picture Of The Day, here are Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Colman, Matt Berry, and Alan Carr reading some of the funniest entries from the annual Letters Live fundraiser.

POTD: George Segal

Long before he worked on sitcoms, George Segal (who died today at 87) was a movie star with a long list of credits. He and his banjo also made numerous TV appearances, including this one that’s my Picture Of The Day.

POTD: The Best

Here’s a piece of classic rock history I was unaware of until recently. It’s about what may have been the shortest-lived supergroup ever: The Best. Members included Joe Walsh, John Entwistle, Keith Emerson, and Jeff “Skunk” Baxter.