Movie Review: “Free Guy”

My review of a fun new movie starring Ryan Reynolds as a background character in a video game who suddenly becomes its central figure and finds himself attracted to a mystery woman played by “Killing Eve” star Jodie Comer.

Movie Review: “Respect”

My review of a disappointing movie biography of Aretha Franklin, starring Jennifer Hudson and a supporting cast including Forrest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, Marc Maron, Marlon Wayans, Titus Burgess, and Mary J. Blige.

How NOT To Conduct An Orchestra

Apparently, I’m not done bashing the movie “Annette” yet. In addition to all my other criticisms on Friday and Saturday, here’s a new one involving the way Simon Helberg plays a conductor leading an orchestra.

Give Tom Lehrer Some Credit

In the horrible new movie, “Annette,” Adam Driver’s standup comedian quotes Tom Lehrer’s “National Brotherhood Week” — without giving Lehrer any credit. So, let’s watch the man who created it perform it.

Movie Review: “Annette”

My review of a bizarre new movie starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard that is now the leading contender to top my Worst Movies Of 2021 list. Here’s why.

Best Anti-War Movie Speech Ever

This speech — written by Paddy Chayefsky and spoken by James Garner in “The Americanization of Emily” — must be considered the greatest anti-war monologue in movie history.

Movie Review: “Stillwater”

My review of a new movie starring Matt Damon as a blue-collar Oklahoma father who travels to France to try to get his daughter released from the prison where she’s serving time for killing her roommate/lover.

Movie Review: “Val”

If you enjoy watching lots of mundane footage from someone else’s home movies and videos, even if you’re not related to them, a new documentary about Val Kilmer might be for you. But read my full review first.

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