Movie Review: A Rita Moreno Documentary

My review of a new documentary about Hollywood and Broadway star Rita Moreno who, at 89, looks back on her struggles, her successes, and her Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony award-winning career.

Movie Review: “12 Mighty Orphans”

If you enjoy it when I blast a really bad movie, read my review of “12 Mighty Orphans,” which doesn’t miss a single underdog sports cliché and will be on my Worst Movies Of 2021 list.

Movie Review: “In The Heights”

Here’s my review of “In The Heights,” a big screen adaptation of the Broadway hit Lin-Manuel Miranda had before he became the King Of Broadway with “Hamilton.” It’s in theaters and on HBO Max now.

Charles Grodin

Some memories of the late actor, who played deadpan on screen better than anyone. He had a long and varied career, but was never better than in one of the all-time great road movies. Here’s a scene that captures his talent perfectly.

Movie Review: “Those Who Wish Me Dead”

My review of a new action movie with Angelina Jolie as a firefighter who has to help a boy being chased by two ruthless assassins while a wildfire blazes in the hills of Montana.

Movie Review: “Four Good Days”

My review of a new movie about a mother (Glenn Close) helping her daughter (Mila Kunis) try to kick a years-long heroin addiction despite repeated failed attempts.

Movie Review: “The Virtuoso”

My review of a new movie which wastes the talents of Anthony Hopkins and others in telling a story about a professional assassin sent on a mysterious assignment. This one’s headed for my Worst Of 2021 list.