MYMNK: “Hopscotch”

I have just re-watched one of my all-time favorites, the 1980 spy comedy, “Hopscotch,” and am finally giving it a spot on my Movies You Might Not Know list. Here’s why.

What I’m Watching

Here are reviews of five things I’ve watched lately, including a stage bio of Ann Richards, a new standup special from Greg Warren, a documentary about The Band, a Lily Tomlin/Julia Garner drama, and a movie about a voyeur with Asperger syndrome.

Movie Review: “Irresistible”

Here’s my review of Jon Stewart’s new political satire (starring Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne, and Chris Cooper), about a small town mayoral election that draws the attention of some national political people who blow it entirely out of proportion.

POTD: “Ghostbusters” Reunion

Josh Gad tracked down most of the cast of “Ghostbusters” — Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Sigourney Weaver, Ernie Hudson, and Annie Potts — for another episode of his “Reunited Apart” series. Watch it here.

Will They Show “The Mask”?

AMC announced it will reopen its US movie theaters on July 15th & has changed its mind about requiring customers to wear face masks in all locations. Nonetheless, you can count me out, and I still have several questions.