Movie Review: “Shaft”

There’s a new movie about the black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks. Yes, I’m talking about John Shaft. Here’s my review.

Movie Review: “Late Night”

Here’s my review of “Late Night,” Mindy Kaling’s satire of late-night television, with a host who seems kinda Letterman-like — except she’s played by Emma Thompson.

Movie Review: “Rocketman”

My review of “Rocketman,” based on the life of Elton John — child prodigy, brilliant musician, great showman, and rock megastar.

Movie Review: “Booksmart”

My review of “Booksmart,” a coming-of-age story of two friends who devoted all their time in high school to academics and each other. But, on the eve of graduation, they’re gonna make up for their lack of partying in one night.

Movie Review: “Poms”

I can imagine how the meeting went when the writer/director pitched her idea for a movie about women in a retirement community who start a cheerleading squad. Click for the transcript.