Happy Birthday, Mr. Reiner!

Happy 98th birthday to comedy legend Carl Reiner, who I’m happy to say was a guest on my radio show more times than almost anyone else. Here’s the audio of just some of his appearances with me.

Marc Maron, “End Times Fun”

Since you’re gonna be spending more time at home craving great entertainment, here’s a recommendation: Marc Maron’s new Netflix special, with the perfectly-timed title, “End Times Fun.” Click for my review.

Get Well Soon, Will Durst

I’m very saddened to read that an old friend, comedian Will Durst, has suffered a stroke, causing him to cancel performances for the first time in his career. Here’s what I wrote about him.

A Night At The Comedy Store

From my trip to LA last week, here’s what it’s like to watch comedian after comedian get up to do 15-minute sets in one of the most esteemed comedy clubs in the country.

Turn Off The Lights

I enjoyed Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special, but I blame director Spike Jonze for using one of my pet peeve distractions during the show.

Review: Marc Maron

I’ve been a fan of so many things Marc Maron has done, but until a few nights ago, I’d never seen him perform in person. Here’s my review.