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A few of my thoughts on Derek Chauvin being found guilty for the murder of George Floyd.

Two Down, Two To Go

I am happy to say my wife and I have received our second coronavirus vaccinations, thus making us eligible to take part in America’s hot new conversational game: Are You Immune? Click to see how you can play!

Bring Back Panel Shows

To watch the latest in a famous UK documentary series, my wife signed up for a trial of streaming service BritBox, which led me to discover an art form that was once very popular on American primetime TV — and should be again.

Another Tivoli Take

As a followup to a piece I wrote Friday, here’s more on my love-hate relationship with the recently-sold Tivoli movie theater in St. Louis — and a couple of very basic reasons I don’t foresee returning to it anytime soon.

Three Documentaries You Might Not Know

If you’re looking for something to watch, here are three documentaries I’ve enjoyed recently, including some very funny women, a last bastion of a once-huge company, and how COVID-19 affected a cruise ship full of people.

Five Random Thoughts

Quickies on cancel culture, blanket pardons, subatomic particles, corporate politics, and the loss of a treasured St. Louis institution.

Movie Review: “Voyagers”

Here’s my review of a new sci-fi movie about a bunch of young people on a mission to colonize a new planet several decades from now — if they can just get there in one piece.

Movie Review: “Concrete Cowboy”

Here’s my review of a new movie streaming on Netflix. The bad news is that despite the presence of Idris Elba and Lorraine Toussaint, it’s likely to end up on my Worst Movies Of 2021 list.

MYMNK: “Devil In A Blue Dress”

The newest addition to my Movies You Might Not Know list is a 1995 film noir starring Denzel Washington that was supposed to kick off a series of movies based on Walter Mosley novels. Here’s my review.

Mr. Perspective on Voltswagen

In which I offer some perspective on the April Fool’s joke Volkswagen used last week to emphasize its pivot to electric vehicles. Many claimed it was a corporate misfire, but I disagree. Here’s why.

My Big Boat Controversy

The recent Suez Canal stuck boat saga reminded me of when another big vessel dominated the headlines and my on-air comments about it led to a meeting with a very unhappy boss.

Killing “Killing Eve”

The producers of “Killing Eve” have announced that the upcoming fourth season of the show will be its last. Too bad they didn’t make that decision after its first year. Here’s why.