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Three Radio Pet Peeves

I don’t listen to much radio anymore, but when I poked around to some local stations recently, instead of gripping content, I heard these three longtime pet peeves that may never go away.

Emmy’s Big Problem

Emmy Awards nominations have drawn the usual pieces of commentary and speculation from critics. But one prediction I can guarantee is that viewership will be down again this year — not because of politics, but math.

Which Could You Do Without?

While our internet service was down again this week after some severe storms rolled through, I thought about which of the utilities that come into our house are most and least important. Here’s what I decided.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Chris Quinn, editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, explains why the newspaper continues to ignore false statements and stunts by politicians, including you-know-who.

As I Tweeted

Emmy Awards nominations were announced today and I’m a little upset that I’ve been snubbed again with no nomination in the category Best Use Of A Recliner While Trying To Find A New Streaming Series To Binge-Watch.

Yet Another Covidiot Speaks

A Newsmax host is the latest loudmouth to make an absolutely ridiculous claim about COVID vaccines. As soon as I heard what he said, I was reminded of a segment of my radio show from several years ago.

As I Tweeted

There’s so much rain coming down in St. Louis right now, you could use my front yard to shoot a John Cusack movie.

Reel Spoilers: “The Tomorrow War”

If you read my review of “The Tomorrow War,” you know how much I disliked it, which is why it was so much fun to sit down with the guys at the Reel Spoilers podcast and discuss it. Here’s how you can listen to our conversation.

Overtime With Oliver

David Oliver, host of a podcast called “Overtime With Oliver,” asked me to be his guest this week. Here’s the audio of our conversation, plus a video segment in which I answered seven questions about St. Louis.

An Olympian Nightmare

Some thoughts about Japan’s announcement that no spectators will be allowed in the stands at the Tokyo Summer Olympics, which start in a couple of weeks.

Michael Caine on Film Acting

In 1989, Michael Caine did a televised master class called “Acting In Film.” It’s a must-see for anyone who’s ever considered working on the big screen, or is a fan of movies and the process involved in making them. Watch it here.

Movie Review: “No Sudden Move”

My review of a new Steven Soderbergh movie starring Don Cheadle, Benicio Del Toro, Jon Hamm, Kieran Culkin, and Ray Liotta, who are all a lot of fun to watch even if the noir-ish plot is nearly impossible to unravel.

Reviving “Later With Bob Costas”

I’ve been binge-watching some episodes of “Later with Bob Costas,” remembering how good his one-on-one conversations with guests were, and wondering why NBC hasn’t revived them for its streaming platform, Peacock.

As I Tweeted

An American runner won’t be allowed in the Olympics after testing positive for a chemical found in marijuana. If you’ve ever spent time with people who smoke weed, you know the last thing they are capable of is running really fast. Unless an ice cream truck rolls through the neighborhood while they’re high.

Five Random Thoughts

Quickies on Quentin Tarantino’s novelization of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood,” the Surfside condo building collapse, the death of Donald Rumsfeld, and a new movie record I hit this week.

As I Tweeted

Instead of turning himself in this morning, I wish Trump’s accountant had been captured like Capone’s bookkeeper in “The Untouchables,” complete with Andy Garcia holding the baby carriage with one hand and shooting with the other.