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As I Tweeted

I hadn’t had my height measured for decades, but it’s happened twice in the last month at two different medical places. And the results didn’t match. They apparently caught me during morphing season.

Movie Review: “In The Heights”

Here’s my review of “In The Heights,” a big screen adaptation of the Broadway hit Lin-Manuel Miranda had before he became the King Of Broadway with “Hamilton.” It’s in theaters and on HBO Max now.

A Cautionary Joe Manchin Tale

An episode of “The West Wing” came to mind as a cautionary tale about Joe Manchin, the senator who’s blocking his Democratic colleagues from killing the filibuster and passing a new voting rights act.


Hearing Marv Albert calling a Knicks playoff game on TNT sent my mind reeling back to my youth. Here’s the story.

Pizza Resistance

I’ve eaten all kinds of pizza in all kinds of places, but the thought of having it made in a vending machine — in Rome, of all places — turns my stomach. Here’s why.

Don’t Give Him Credit

I saw an article claiming the decline in ratings for the cable news networks in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period last year was proof that those outlets missed having Trump drive viewership. Nope, that’s wrong.

“Friends” Memory Loss

I see that some longtime fans of “Friends” are shocked that, during the HBO Max reunion special, the six stars couldn’t remember the particulars of some of the episodes they’d appeared in. I’m not surprised one bit.

The Cardiac Kid

You haven’t heard from me lately because I was dealing with some serious medical issues, which culminated in having stents put in two very clogged arteries earlier this week. Here’s the story.

Still With The Voicemail?

Yesterday, I called a friend who has the same old greeting on his voicemail, complete with instructions on how to leave a message and what the content should be. It got me thinking of how voicemail has changed over the years.

Random Showbiz Thoughts

Quickies on finally seeing “Minari,” my unchanging view of “Hacks,” musical acts that were supposedly “bigger than the Beatles,” and why the mention of James Bond in the Amazon/MGM deal makes me shake my head.

“Lost” Again

My daughter never saw the ABC drama “Lost,” but when she asked me about it recently, we sat down to watch its incredibly captivating pilot episode and she was sucked into the show’s vortex just as I had been in 2004.