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Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I feel badly for the “Jeopardy!” contestants being mowed down by Matt Amodio, who’s now won 23 games in a row. Claire McNear interviewed him, as well as some of his victims, for this new piece I recommend for all fans of the show.

As I Tweeted

A scientist is raising $15 million in private funding to bring back the long-extinct wooly mammoth in Siberia. Meanwhile, somewhere in Hollywood, a screenwriter is trying to get a meeting with Steven Spielberg so he can pitch his brilliant idea for an eighth “Jurassic Park” movie.

More Alaska Stories

Is it cold on a glacier? Did you see moose? Does Alaska have worker shortages, too? My recent post about our trip to Alaska engendered quite a few questions from readers, so here are some answers.

As I Tweeted

Breaking News: every single talk radio host who recommended their listeners get vaccinated against COVID is still alive.

You Bet Your Leno

Jay Leno’s new version of “You Bet Your Life” is so bad it reminds me of another disaster he starred in 35 years ago — which his manager threw me out of. Here’s the story.

Random Thoughts

Quickies about modern-day “deplorables,” a legislator who can’t get to work, the ineffectiveness of plastic barriers, and being in a masked minority.

What I’m Not Watching

Here are four things I’ve either tried to watch and given up on, can’t watch because it’s moved to a service I don’t subscribe to, or refuse to watch in the first place.

Movie Review: “Worth”

My review of a movie (now on Netflix) starring Michael Keaton as Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer charged with figuring out how to compensate the thousands of victims of the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago. With Amy Ryan, Stanley Tucci, and Laura Benanti.

Our Alaskan Adventure

That’s me, holding a piece of a glacier, in front of a glacier. It was one of several stunning moments from the Alaskan adventure my wife and I just returned from. Here are some of the stories from our week in The Last Frontier.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred has compiled an oral history of the first season of “The Amazing Race.” I’ve seen every episode of the show, so I found reading about how it was put together on the fly quite fascinating.

Movie Review: “The Lost Leonardo”

My review of a documentary about how a single painting was sold for $450 million, what drove its price up so high, and whether it was really painted by da Vinci. It will be on my Best Documentaries Of 2021 list.

As I Tweeted

I have no feelings one way or another about ABBA reuniting and releasing a new album, but I was shocked they made Mike Richards their new lead singer.

I’m Just Asking

Questions I have about Afghanistan and a movie, whether Trump is really still a powerful GOP voice, three-martini lunches, radio bumper sticker promotions, and the license plate game.