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Best Anti-War Movie Speech Ever

This speech — written by Paddy Chayefsky and spoken by James Garner in “The Americanization of Emily” — must be considered the greatest anti-war monologue in movie history.

Random TV Thoughts

Quickies on HBO’s Woodstock ’99 documentary and “Small Town News,” Apple’s “Schmigadoon,” and the impending return of Netflix’s “Money Heist.”

As I Tweeted

MEDIA MEMO: Stop telling us about the unvaccinated and breakthrough infections! Tell us about people living a fuller, happier life because they were vaccinated months ago. Start by running this headline: “99% of vaccinated Americans weren’t infected with COVID today!”

POTD: High Jump

Picture Of The Day: I haven’t been watching much of the Summer Olympics, yet something I came upon last night involving athletes from Italy and Qatar competing in the high jump personified pure joy.

Minority Rule

From the time we were kids, Americans have been told that, in our country, the majority rules — but, as I explain, the reality is exactly the opposite.

Movie Review: “Stillwater”

My review of a new movie starring Matt Damon as a blue-collar Oklahoma father who travels to France to try to get his daughter released from the prison where she’s serving time for killing her roommate/lover.

As I Tweeted

Hawaii and Chicago are warning their residents not to go to Las Vegas because of very high COVID infection numbers. Sounds like they finally found something that doesn’t stay in Vegas.

Make It Mandatory

In this new piece, I explain how we’re past the point where mask mandates are enough to contain the continuing COVID crisis. Governments, businesses, and every other institution must impose vaccination mandates, too.

HD Radio

I offer my perspective on the technology known as HD Radio, which commemorated its 15th birthday last week (although there isn’t much to celebrate).

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I agree wholeheartedly with Virginia Heffernan’s reaction to Eric Clapton’s ridiculous announcement that he won’t play in any venue that requires concertgoers to prove they’ve been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Movie Review: “Val”

If you enjoy watching lots of mundane footage from someone else’s home movies and videos, even if you’re not related to them, a new documentary about Val Kilmer might be for you. But read my full review first.

Movie Review: “Joe Bell”

My review of a not-too-impressive movie starring Mark Wahlberg as a father who walks across America spreading a no-bullying message after his gay son is driven to suicide by intolerant fellow high school students.

Good Job, Good Words

Ever since I re-emerged into the world as a vaccinated person, I have made it a point to always compliment workers who are doing a good job — and not just those who go above and beyond. Here are a couple of recent examples.

Four Random Thoughts

Quickies about phone calls breaking up, unvaccinated denialists, another “Jeopardy!” host come and gone, and a question about the conspiracy-theory-driven election audit in Arizona.

TV Review: “McCartney 3,2,1”

My review of the Hulu documentary “McCartney 3,2,1,” in which the music legend tells stories I’ve never heard about some Beatles, Wings, and solo songs, with special insight into his talents as a bass player.