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POTD: The Dinner Feeder

This Picture Of The Day comes from Joseph Herscher, who creates clever machines in his Brooklyn apartment to solve everyday problems with Rube-Goldberg-like designs. His latest is a device that feeds him dinner.

Thanks, Teachers!

With so many parents forced to teach their kids and spend all day with them at home, I am reminded of the time I spent a couple of hours helping out in the preschool class my daughter attended.

Curly Neal

The death of Harlem Globetrotter legend Curly Neal has me remembering when, as a boy, I saw him play in person — and years later when, as a man, I had him as an in-studio guest on my radio show. Here are the stories.

The Return Of Dundee

I think I actually want to see this new movie with Paul Hogan displaying a sense of humor about his fame and his iconic character. Here’s the trailer.

Two Coronavirus Suggestions

Here is what should happen when — not if — Trump fires Dr. Fauci. Also, a message for right-wingers who want people to go back to work even if it means dying from Coronavirus.

Seth Explains It

My brother, who used to run the US Labor Department, explains in a radio interview why any stimulus dollars disbursed during the Coronavirus crisis should go to the people at the bottom of our economy, not the top.

Award Winner Again!

For the third time, I’ve been selected for an award for book publishing — despite the fact that I’ve never written, let alone published, a single book. Here’s the story.

As I Tweeted

I don’t want to say Sunday was excruciatingly boring, but I got really excited when the clock hit 6pm and I could finally take the trash bin out to the curb.

The Stupidity Of Strangers

Unlike Blanche DuBois, I have always counted on the stupidity of strangers. The Coronavirus crisis has only exacerbated it, as these examples prove.

Stop Showing Trump Live

Three years ago, toward the beginning of his presidency, I said that the media should stop giving Trump free access to the airwaves to spew lies and misinformation. The case is even stronger now that he’s making things worse with his Coronavirus press conferences.

POTD: I Laughed Till I Cried

Austin Tichenor, one-third of the Reduced Shakespeare Company has taken to YouTube and posted this clever ditty he wrote and performed in the RSC’s “The Complete History Of Comedy (abridged).” As a longtime fan, I’ve made it my Picture Of The Day.

My Friday Morning Expedition

Observations from a trip to a bagel store and the supermarket, where a good new rule is in place — which I am embarrassed to say I had not considered.