TV Review: “Get Back”

My review of a three-part miniseries (now streaming on Disney+) of The Beatles in the studio writing, rehearsing, and performing the songs that would make up their 1969 album, “Let It Be.” Is it worth 8 hours of your time? Read on.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I’ll post my review of the Beatles documentary “Get Back” on Monday, after I stop laughing at the list of moments that were edited out, as conceived by former “Late Show with David Letterman” writer Bill Scheft.

MOGOP Gets It Wrong — Twice

Two stories from the state of Missouri got my hackles up this week, both involving cruel, irresponsible decisions by Republicans about an innocent man finally released from prison after 43 years and mask mandates.

As I Tweeted

Both of these statements are true: I saw a movie musical this week that is definitely one of the Best Of 2021 — and — I saw a movie musical this week that definitely is not. You’ll have to wait patiently for my upcoming reviews to find out which is which.

Five Random Thoughts

Quickies about keeping the unvaxxed off planes, pronouncing both syllables of “versus,” a disturbing smoking statistic, a lazy supermarket shopper, and a question about cooking chicken.

Oh My, Omicron!

My reaction to the overreaction — on Wall Street, Main Street, and the media — that accompanied the news about a new coronavirus variant.

As I Tweeted

I just finished part one of the Beatles documentary “Get Back.” What a cliffhanger! I don’t have time to binge-watch the rest tonight, but sure hope the boys patch things up with George and get him back in the band.

Turkeys Don’t Fly, But We Did

My wife and daughter and I traveled to the Washington, DC, area over Thanksgiving weekend to spend time with my brother and his family for the first time in more than two years. As always, I took notes. Here are just a few.

Tony & Gaga

Some thoughts about the Tony Bennett/Lady Gaga special that aired on CBS last night, a worthy finale to his eight-decade career, and quite a testament to the power of music to (temporarily) overcome the ravages of dementia.

Stop With The Warning

The new audio system I had installed in my car comes with an on-screen warning that serves its purpose the first time, but should include an option to have it stop nagging me every time I turn it on. Read on…

Leave Me A Loan

I’ve been inundated of late by calls from people who claim they want to help me lower the cost of my student loans. I’m sure it’s a scam, but I still have some questions.

Movie Review: “King Richard”

My review of a movie starring Will Smith as Richard Williams, whose unorthodox strategies upended the tennis world and turned his daughters Venus and Serena into two of the greatest players in history. It will be on my Best Movies Of 2021 list.

Naming Wrongs

A major sports venue gets a new naming rights sponsor, and the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. It’s far from the first with a dumb moniker. Here’s how I handled such nonsense when I was on the air.