The Time Off Your Life

When I read that researchers have determined that eating a single hot dog will take 36 minutes off your life, I was reminded of a story involving a corned beef sandwich.

Back To Florida

After 17 months ground-bound, my wife and I got back on an airplane last week and headed for the beach in Florida. Here’s the story of our mini-adventure.

Wow, That Was Fast

After new information has come to light, I have updated my piece on Mike Richards no longer being the host of “Jeopardy!” Here’s the new version.

Dead Wrong

I enjoy the series of videos of experts commenting on the veracity of movie and TV clips related to their fields. This is one of my recent favorites, with a forensic pathologist laughing at how wrong some autopsy scenes are.

Mr. Perspective Returns

My reality check about the lack of political fallout for Joe Biden over Afghanistan, a big lie from the Taliban, what’s next for Tim Tebow, and why Tesla’s autopilot doesn’t deserve blame.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Claire McNear of The Ringer did some digging into the background of Mike Richards, the newly-named host of “Jeopardy!” What she found is mighty ugly.

A Message For The Governor Of Texas

If I were an ER doctor and some rabid anti-mask/vaccine mandate governor like Texas’ Greg Abbott came in complaining of having caught COVID, here’s what I would tell him.

Questions About Afghanistan

As the US military finally pulls out of Afghanistan after nearly 20 fruitless years, I have a few lingering questions. But let’s start with some facts.

Movie Review: “CODA”

Here’s my review of an engrossing story of a young woman whose deaf family needs her help at the same time she’s itching to begin a life of her own. With great performances by Emilia Jones & Marlee Matlin, it will be on my Best Movies Of 2021 list.

Movie Review: “Free Guy”

My review of a fun new movie starring Ryan Reynolds as a background character in a video game who suddenly becomes its central figure and finds himself attracted to a mystery woman played by “Killing Eve” star Jodie Comer.

Movie Review: “Respect”

My review of a disappointing movie biography of Aretha Franklin, starring Jennifer Hudson and a supporting cast including Forrest Whitaker, Audra McDonald, Marc Maron, Marlon Wayans, Titus Burgess, and Mary J. Blige.

Double “Jeopardy!” Hosts

My inbox has filled up with messages from people asking my reaction to Sony naming Mike Richards the new full-time host of “Jeopardy!” with Mayim Bialik also signed for primetime versions of the show. Here are my thoughts.

Walter Yetnikoff

When I heard that former Columbia Records president Walter Yetnikoff died Sunday (just days before his 88th birthday), I remembered the conversation I had with him in 2004 — one of my all-time favorites. You can listen to it here.

Four Random Thoughts

Quickies on birthday cake candles, two-factor authentication, telling people to “ask your doctor,” and an Olympics lament.

My Poker Return

After not playing a hand of live poker for 18 months (and thinking I might never again), I ventured out the other night to a local casino to find not much had changed — except for my attitude about the game. Here’s the story.