Movie Review: “Small Engine Repair”

My review of a new movie about a blue collar guy, his daughter, and his two lifelong friends, with a twist along the way I didn’t see coming that ramps up the intensity considerably.

What I’m Not Watching

Here are four things I’ve either tried to watch and given up on, can’t watch because it’s moved to a service I don’t subscribe to, or refuse to watch in the first place.

Movie Review: “Worth”

My review of a movie (now on Netflix) starring Michael Keaton as Kenneth Feinberg, the lawyer charged with figuring out how to compensate the thousands of victims of the 9/11 attacks twenty years ago. With Amy Ryan, Stanley Tucci, and Laura Benanti.

Our Alaskan Adventure

That’s me, holding a piece of a glacier, in front of a glacier. It was one of several stunning moments from the Alaskan adventure my wife and I just returned from. Here are some of the stories from our week in The Last Frontier.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Andy Dehnart at Reality Blurred has compiled an oral history of the first season of “The Amazing Race.” I’ve seen every episode of the show, so I found reading about how it was put together on the fly quite fascinating.

Movie Review: “The Lost Leonardo”

My review of a documentary about how a single painting was sold for $450 million, what drove its price up so high, and whether it was really painted by da Vinci. It will be on my Best Documentaries Of 2021 list.

I’m Just Asking

Questions I have about Afghanistan and a movie, whether Trump is really still a powerful GOP voice, three-martini lunches, radio bumper sticker promotions, and the license plate game.

TV Review: “Dead Mountain”

My review of a scripted series revolving around the mystery of what killed a group of nine Russian students on a ski hike in the Ural Mountains in 1959. To this day, no one knows.

A Firing, But No Fix

Since I’ve been commenting on the “Jeopardy!” mess for most of this year, I suppose I had to write something about Mike Richards finally being fired as executive producer of the show. So, here we go.

Bill Clotworthy, “SNL” Censor

On the occasion of his death at 95, I’ve dug into my archives for a conversation I had in 2002 with Bill Clotworthy, who shared some great stories about being NBC’s censor at “Saturday Night Live” from 1979 to 1990.

Movie Review: “Count Me In”

My review of a new documentary about drummers, including some of the biggest names in the business — past and present. It’s fun to watch them explain how they do what they do, and give credit to those who preceded and inspired them.

Ed Asner

My thoughts on hearing of the death of Ed Asner at 91, plus audio from my archives of an on-air conversation I had with him several years ago, which you can listen to here.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

One of my favorite writers, Amanda Marcotte, says it’s okay to blame the unvaccinated, because they are robbing the rest of us of our freedoms. Here’s an excerpt of her piece.

MYMNK: “Hard Eight”

The newest addition to my Movies You Might Not Know list is Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1996 drama “Hard Eight,” starring Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Samuel L. Jackson. Here’s my full review.

A Law Firm For Our Times

Comedy Central took out full-page ads for “The Daily Show” in today’s NY Times and LA Times promoting Trevor Noah & Associates & Sons, a law firm for those who stormed the Capitol on 1/6. Here’s what it says.