Movie Review: “The Virtuoso”

My review of a new movie which wastes the talents of Anthony Hopkins and others in telling a story about a professional assassin sent on a mysterious assignment. This one’s headed for my Worst Of 2021 list.

Movie Review: “Without Remorse”

My review of a new movie (streaming on Prime Video) starring Michael B. Jordan as John Kelly, a Navy SEAL drawn into a revenge story tinged with political intrigue, based on a book by Tom Clancy.

Movie Review: “Limbo”

My review of a new movie about refugees from Syria and elsewhere who remain stuck on a small Scottish island while awaiting a decision on their asylum applications.

Hay! No Fever!

I suffered from crippling hay fever every spring for decades, unable to go outside or keep the windows open — until this year. As I explain in this piece, I don’t know what’s different, but I’m sure happy it is!

Mini-Review: “Ted Lasso”

I don’t know why I didn’t latch on to Apple TV’s “Ted Lasso” when it was first released several months ago, but I just caught up with the first season and was pleasantly surprised. 

Oscar Night

I couldn’t help but post some snarky live-tweets during Sunday night’s Oscars telecast, and I’ve compiled them all here.

Best Thing I Read This Week

Greg Bardsley explains why we should throw ticker tape parades for (and sing the praises of) scientists who worked on COVID-19 vaccines while the rest of us freaked out.

POTD: Letters Live

For the Picture Of The Day, here are Benedict Cumberbatch, Olivia Colman, Matt Berry, and Alan Carr reading some of the funniest entries from the annual Letters Live fundraiser.

In And Out Of Jeopardy

Since I’ve written about all the other “Jeopardy!” guest hosts, I suppose I should say something about the current clue-giving temp, Anderson Cooper.


A few of my thoughts on Derek Chauvin being found guilty for the murder of George Floyd.

Exiting Afghanistan

Some thoughts on President Biden’s announcement that the United States will withdraw all remaining troops from Afghanistan on September 11th.

Two Down, Two To Go

I am happy to say my wife and I have received our second coronavirus vaccinations, thus making us eligible to take part in America’s hot new conversational game: Are You Immune? Click to see how you can play!

Bring Back Panel Shows

To watch the latest in a famous UK documentary series, my wife signed up for a trial of streaming service BritBox, which led me to discover an art form that was once very popular on American primetime TV — and should be again.

Another Tivoli Take

As a followup to a piece I wrote Friday, here’s more on my love-hate relationship with the recently-sold Tivoli movie theater in St. Louis — and a couple of very basic reasons I don’t foresee returning to it anytime soon.