POTD: Inside A Hospital COVID-19 Unit

Next time someone tries to tell you some nonsense about COVID-19 being a hoax, or the threat being over, or not needing to wear a mask in public, show them up-close in-hospital reports from CNN’s Miguel Marquez like this one.

POTD: Seth Explains It Again

When my brother Seth ran the US Labor Department, he became very good at analyzing the jobs and unemployment numbers that came in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here he is on MSNBC with another great analogy for the state of our economy after the BLS released its June jobs report this morning.

What I’m Watching

Here are reviews of five things I’ve watched lately, including a stage bio of Ann Richards, a new standup special from Greg Warren, a documentary about The Band, a Lily Tomlin/Julia Garner drama, and a movie about a voyeur with Asperger syndrome.

Worst Bonnie & Clyde Reboot Ever

My thoughts on husband-and-wife lawyers Mark and Pat McCloskey, who stood outside their million-dollar mansion in St. Louis pointing guns (he had a rifle, she had a handgun) as peaceful protestors marched by on Sunday.

Five Random Thoughts

Thoughts on five news items that caught my eye this weekend, including a new name for a state, a new job title for busboys, a new paranormal challenge, and more.

POTD: “A Class Divided”

The Picture Of The Day is a PBS “Frontline” episode about a remarkable teacher named Jane Elliott who, in 1968, came up with a powerful lesson about racism for her third-grade students by making them the subjects of bigotry from their own classmates.

Movie Review: “Irresistible”

Here’s my review of Jon Stewart’s new political satire (starring Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne, and Chris Cooper), about a small town mayoral election that draws the attention of some national political people who blow it entirely out of proportion.

POTD: The Chicks

After dropping “Dixie” from their band name, The Chicks have released a video for one of their new songs, “March March,” which includes clips of protestors throughout US history, right up to #BlackLivesMatter.

Six Head-Shaking Stories

Reacting to a few news items that have caught my eye, including the fallout from Novak Djokovic’s anti-science beliefs, a drop in Trumpster enthusiasm, a cop who kept getting work despite his record, and an “unwieldy phase” for strip clubs.

Hagar The Horrible

Sammy Hagar was one of 14 performers asked by Rolling Stone how they’re dealing with not being able to do concerts during the pandemic. His answer was ridiculous.