Theater Review: “Fully Committed”

My review of a brilliant play (and performance) where one actor plays dozens of roles, switching back and forth between personas nearly non-stop for more than 90 minutes.

Theater Etiquette In The Digital Age

My response to a recent article urging leniency towards theatergoers who use their smartphones during plays or musicals to take photos, send texts, or post to social media.

Theater Review: “The Lifespan Of A Fact”

My review of the St. Louis Rep’s production of a play about how far you can bend the truth before it breaks — and whether “I’m not a journalist” is a valid defense when changing facts to make a story flow better.

Theater Review: “The Agitators”

My review of a terrific St. Louis production of a play about the decades-long friendship of two of the most famous Americans of the 19th century, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, as they advocated to allow blacks and women to vote.

Valerie Harper

When I heard Friday of the death of Valerie Harper at age 80, I went to my archives to dig out this revealing conversation I had with her in February, 2006.

Four Showbiz Notes

Observations about four recent showbiz stories that caught my eye: a screen duo’s return, a magazine redefines time, a David Mamet stage play bombs, and why movie comedies are struggling at the box office.

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