Brian Dennehy

Upon his death today at 81, some thoughts on a great actor who was omnipresent on the big screen, the small screen, and the stage for decades — and deserves to be remembered for more than a role in a Chris Farley movie.

POTD: Kelli O’Hara

The Broadway star appears on a YouTube show to explain a problem she encountered when doing “The King And I” in London — and then sings one of the memorable songs from that classic musical.

Theater Review: “Fully Committed”

My review of a brilliant play (and performance) where one actor plays dozens of roles, switching back and forth between personas nearly non-stop for more than 90 minutes.

Theater Etiquette In The Digital Age

My response to a recent article urging leniency towards theatergoers who use their smartphones during plays or musicals to take photos, send texts, or post to social media.

Theater Review: “The Lifespan Of A Fact”

My review of the St. Louis Rep’s production of a play about how far you can bend the truth before it breaks — and whether “I’m not a journalist” is a valid defense when changing facts to make a story flow better.

Theater Review: “The Agitators”

My review of a terrific St. Louis production of a play about the decades-long friendship of two of the most famous Americans of the 19th century, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, as they advocated to allow blacks and women to vote.