Podcast Alert

Here’s the first of two Reel Spoilers podcasts I did for this week with Tom, Kevin, and Joe. Listen and note how old Tom and I are just by our TV references!‬

Three Jeopardy Goats Tough

Live sports events (e.g. World Series, NBA Finals, and Monday Night Football) are supposedly the only things that bring in big viewership numbers on TV — unless you count the primetime ratings for this GOAT. Here’s why.

What I’m Watching

Here are mini-reviews of three streaming TV series we’ve devoured lately, including a British police drama, a con artist and her marks, and the not-so-marvelous parts of Mrs. Maisel.

Who Is “Jeopardy Goat”?

I wish my mother — a four-day champion on the original 1960s version with Art Fleming/Don Pardo — was still alive to see this. We’ll certainly have our DVR set to record it on January 7th.

What I’m Watching

Here are mini-reviews of four television series that have caught my eye recently, all of them featuring names you know.