TV Review: “The Queen’s Gambit”

My review of a limited series on Netflix about a young orphan from Kentucky who becomes a chess prodigy and champion while battling an addiction to pills and booze, led by a stunning performance from Anya Taylor-Joy.

Double Your Sorkin

Here are my reviews of two recent Aaron Sorkin projects that are worth your time — the “West Wing” reunion special (now streaming on HBO Max) and “The Trial Of The Chicago 7” (now streaming on Netflix).

Bad Biden

Here’s why Lorne Michaels made a mistake bringing in Jim Carrey to play Joe Biden in the cold open political sketches on “Saturday Night Live.”

DVR Alert: “The Way I See It”

Tonight, MSNBC will show “The Way I See It,” a documentary about the work of former Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza, who captured many indelible images during his years in both the Obama and Reagan administrations.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Do yourself a favor and read this Twitter thread which imagines how ex-President Jed Barlett (of “The West Wing”) would have a conference call with his former colleagues about what sort of statement he should issue in response to Trump being hospitalized with COVID-19.

My Mistake On The Spectrum

I made a big mistake this week, when my frustration at an internet provider over one aspect of its service made me go to the competition, which turned out to be even worse. Here’s the story.

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