About That Fox Ratings Story

In which I offer some perspective on a story about Fox News Channel supposedly having more viewers in primetime than any other TV channel, and offer some facts the author conveniently ignored.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

TV critic Alan Sepinwall has come to the same conclusion I did — that at a time when voices speaking out against police brutality and racism have taken on a new prominence in America, myriad cop shows of the past have become problematic.

What I’m Watching

Reviews of three things I missed when they were originally released, but am happy to have caught up with recently: the movie “American Woman,” the series “Halt and Catch Fire,” and the documentary “Speed Cubers.”

Remembering Regis

When I think of Regis Philbin, I think of three words: A Great Broadcaster. Here are some of my memories of him, including the first time he guested on my radio show.

Is Jeopardy In Jeopardy?

Alex Trebek posted a video today with an update on his health and his hopes of being back in the studio shooting more “Jeopardy!” episodes for the fall season. But let me explain why I doubt that will happen.

Grant Imahara

I was saddened to hear of the sudden death of former “Mythbusters” co-star Grant Imahara at age 49. Here’s a conversation I had with him a few years ago about that show and a new project he did with Kari and Tory for Netflix.

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