DVR Alert

The Sammy Davis Jr. documentary I raved about last year will finally air on PBS tonight. Read my review (and listen to my conversation with its director) here.

As I Tweeted

Upon hearing that Carson Daly’s NBC late-night show, “Last Call,” is ending after 17 years, my only reaction was, “That’s still on the air?”

Worth A Link

I have always enjoyed and had great respect for Bob Costas, but this ESPN story of how he was shoved aside by NBC because the network had to continue to suck up to the NFL just seals his place in my Broadcasters Hall Of Fame.

Springsteen On Broadway

Earlier this year, I lamented that I wouldn't get to see Bruce Springsteen's one-man Broadway show because I don't get back to New York as often as I used to, and the seats were prohibitively expensive. My brother and sister-in-law, who live on the east coast, did get...

Bob Costas, Level-Headed Broadcaster

A friend called me Thursday morning and told me to turn on the Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX, a station I haven't listened to since parting ways with it almost a decade ago. But my friend told me the guest was a broadcaster who I respect enormously, Bob Costas, so I...

TV Notes

I don't recommend the sixth season of "House Of Cards." The show ran out of steam by its third year, and this final one doesn't re-energize anything. It plays out as a boring battle for control between new president Claire Hale (Robin Wright) and the brother-sister...

Picture Of The Day: Roy Clark

If you've never heard of Roy Clark (who died yesterday at 85), or only know him from his 24 years hosting "Hee Haw," watch this to see what a versatile guitarist he was. It's a montage of clips from a 1975 episode of "The Odd Couple" which was built entirely around...

Megyn Kelly Update

As I predicted, the fallout from Megyn Kelly's "I don't see what's wrong with blackface" comments continues. Not only did her own "Today" show colleagues call out her stupidity on the air Wednesday morning, but now guests that were booked on her show (e.g. the cast of...