My Mistake On The Spectrum

I made a big mistake this week, when my frustration at an internet provider over one aspect of its service made me go to the competition, which turned out to be even worse. Here’s the story.

What I’m Watching

After being disappointed by a couple of new streaming series, we found documentaries about two fascinating show business figures whose work we’ve long admired — Sidney Lumet and Dabney Coleman. Here are my reviews.

Random TV Thoughts

Quick thoughts about the In Memoriam segments of awards shows, why TV shows do not need DJs to play music, my opening bid to buy Quibi, and whether Fox News Channel is truly balanced.

TV Review: “Away”

My review of a new Netflix series starring Hilary Swank as the commander of a five-person crew on a mission to Mars. One aspect of the show confused me so much I had to turn to a scientist friend for some answers. Can you provide more info?

TV Review: “Class Action Park”

Here’s my review of a documentary (now streaming on HBO Max) about a New Jersey amusement park of the 1980s and 1990s that may have been the most dangerous such venue ever.

TV Review: “Biohackers”

Here’s my review of a new limited drama series on Netflix, about medical students and a professor involved in genetic engineering that’s not exactly legal (or ethical). I was hooked from its first scene.

TV Review: “The Goes Wrong Show”

Three years ago, I raved about a Broadway comedy, “The Play That Goes Wrong,” in which a small town theatrical troupe puts on productions where nothing goes right. Now its creators have returned with a TV series that has me laughing out loud.

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