Best Thing I’ve Read Today: North Pole Time

As I browse around the internet looking for interesting articles, I occasionally come across a lead paragraph or two that absolutely sucks me in. Here’s a perfect example, from a Scientific American piece by Katie Weeman.

Coronavirus Con

Jim Bakker is being sued by the Attorney General of Missouri for selling what he claims is a Coronavirus cure. Here is the story.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today: Art Caplan

With daily updates of the coronavirus infecting more and more people, let’s look back at a piece NYU professor of medicine Art Caplan wrote in 2016 predicting how Trump would handle a global pandemic.

Yes, It Is Rocket Science

I know I’ve been writing quite a bit about space lately, but there are two more things I have to mention in regards to spacecraft launching and returning.

Mars One, Earth Zero

I was one of many in the media who fell for — and thus helped promote — the Mars One story, which was supposedly going to send humans on a one-way trip to the red planet. Here is my apology.

Calling BS On CVS And CBD

Now that CVS is carrying CBD in many of its stores, lots of people will think it relieves their pain, despite no scientific proof, just anecdotal evidence. Here’s why that’s a problem.

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