MYMNK: “Corporate.FM”

Recently, I linked to a piece by a radio veteran lamenting the state of the industry and blaming consolidation. Today, I’m adding my own comments and recommending a documentary that makes the point even more strongly.

Imus In The Mourning

My thoughts on Don Imus, the Radio Hall Of Famer who died Friday at 79, leaving behind a mixed legacy at best and an undeniable influence on other on-air personalities.

Eleven Minutes?

Watching “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, I was stunned to see how long the commercial break was between the first and second guests’ segments, and was reminded of a story from my early days in radio.

Harris In Moscow, Part 4

Here’s the fourth in my series of memories of 1989, when I broadcast my DC morning radio show from Moscow for a week — complete with wheat soda, sweaty cheese, the key lady, a cigarette-loving cabbie, and the Kocmoc.

Harris In Moscow, Part 2

Sitting in a cavernous Russian radio studio, about to start my live radio shows from Moscow to Washington, DC, I was speechless and freaking out. Thankfully, my friend Mike knew just what to say to snap me back to reality.

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