HD Radio

I offer my perspective on the technology known as HD Radio, which commemorated its 15th birthday last week (although there isn’t much to celebrate).

Three Radio Pet Peeves

I don’t listen to much radio anymore, but when I poked around to some local stations recently, instead of gripping content, I heard these three longtime pet peeves that may never go away.

Rush To Judgement Day

As a longtime broadcaster, here’s my perspective on the death of Rush Limbaugh and his negative impact on both the radio industry and the very fabric of America.

Commercial-Free Mondays

Early in my radio career, I worked for a music station that declared “Every Monday In January Is Commercial-Free!” Here’s why it may have sounded good, but was actually bad.

Commercial Conflicts

During all my years in broadcasting, there was a rule that commercials for competing companies could not run adjacent to one another in a break. Apparently that’s no longer true, as this political season proves.

Time To Resurrect This Radio Idea

The latest unemployment numbers reminded me of one of the ways in which radio can be an important resource in a community. Consider it a free gift to hosts in any daypart who want to make a difference — and fill lots of airtime, too.

The New Direction Is Down

A recent ratings report from Chicago has me remembering my time filling in on what was once a great radio station run by a visionary friend of mine.

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