Pundit Class Fact Of The Day

Anyone who has gone in front of a TV camera or radio microphone this evening — and there were panel after panel after panel full of them — to tell you what is in the Mueller Report is lying because THEY DON’T KNOW.

Blue Collar Laziness

Stories from a couple of friends who are contractors — and having trouble finding new employees — led me to write this piece, which has an ironic ending.

The Mueller Percentage

I saw a news item online today that included the results of a poll that claimed more than a third of Americans think Robert Mueller has not proven that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia. That estimate is completely wrong, as I explain.

Great Idea

Officials in Sandusky, Ohio, didn’t want Columbus Day to be a thing anymore, so they thought they’d just eliminate it as a paid holiday for government workers. But employees and unions objected, so the city came up with a better idea.

The Trump-King Thing

Some thoughts on Trump catching flack for only staying two minutes while visiting the Martin Luther King memorial today.

Trump’s Favorite Movies

Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter made a list of some of Trump’s favorite movies of 2018, including “WhiteKKKlansman” and “Crazy Rich Russians.” Then he named some of Trump’s all-time faves. I like Scott’s list so much, it inspired me to come up with ten of my own Trumpian titles.