A Bit Premature

Mike Pence’s announcement about disbanding the coronavirus task force seems a little premature — until you look at what else he announced today. Read on.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Charles M. Blow reiterates many of the points I made in urging cable networks to stop carrying Trump’s daily propaganda sessions live. In doing so, Blow quotes one of the wisest elder statesmen of journalism.

As I Tweeted

Here’s something to share with the Bernie Bros (and Sisters) in your life — straight from the man’s mouth.

Bye Bye Bernie

Although I supported him in the primary, I was glad that Bernie Sanders finally withdrew from the presidential race today. Here’s what he MUST do now — and keep doing it.

Title Holders

A longtime listener complains that I often don’t include the word “President” when referring to Trump. This is my response, and it’s not what you think!

Stop Showing Trump Live

Three years ago, toward the beginning of his presidency, I said that the media should stop giving Trump free access to the airwaves to spew lies and misinformation. The case is even stronger now that he’s making things worse with his Coronavirus press conferences.

Tucker And I

Holy crap! Here’s something I never thought I’d post. Tucker Carlson agrees with me about Senator Richard Burr.