I’m Just Curious

In 2003, Vice President Dick Cheney, defending the US invasion of Iraq, claimed, “We will be greeted as liberators.” I’m just curious, considering today’s news: how’s that going?

Won’t You Come Home, Bernie Sanders

One other thing related to the Democrats’ debates occurred to me today. I call it The Bernie Sanders Problem, which reminds me of a story of a concert we walked out of many years ago.

Dems Debate Dos

My observations about last night’s second Democratic debate in Detroit, from winners and losers to Joe Biden’s botched text appeal to Tulsi Gabbard’s missed opportunity. Plus, the phrase the CNN moderators should never use again.

As I Tweeted

Someday, Americans of all kinds will remember where they were when they heard that Eric Swalwell was no longer a candidate for president of the United States. #Only24Left

Lawsuit Of The Day

Congrats to comedian, Daily Beast contributor, and former frequent guest on my radio show Dean Obeidallah, who won a $4.1 million lawsuit against the founder of a neo-Nazi website, who falsely accused him of being behind an Isis attack.

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