The Trump-King Thing

Some thoughts on Trump catching flack for only staying two minutes while visiting the Martin Luther King memorial today.

Trump’s Favorite Movies

Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter made a list of some of Trump’s favorite movies of 2018, including “WhiteKKKlansman” and “Crazy Rich Russians.” Then he named some of Trump’s all-time faves. I like Scott’s list so much, it inspired me to come up with ten of my own Trumpian titles.

Will Durst’s Top 10 Stories Of 2018

My friend, comedian Will Durst, looks back at the year that was... Sit the kids down. Let the dogs out. Prop the grandparents up. The nation’s patience has been richly rewarded, because the eagerly awaited list of the Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2018 has been...

The Bush White House Dilemma

One of my wife’s gigs when we lived in the DC area was working for the public TV station, WETA, which produced the annual PBS gala, “In Performance At The White House.” She was among the crew members working behind the scenes who were offered the opportunity to have...

Worth A Link

Two pieces I enjoyed that you might want to read, too: It's way too early for any talk about the 2020 presidential election or any possible candidates, but whoever defeats Trump should give an inaugural address like this one, written by Jon Sinton. I like journalists...

Bob Costas, Level-Headed Broadcaster

A friend called me Thursday morning and told me to turn on the Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX, a station I haven't listened to since parting ways with it almost a decade ago. But my friend told me the guest was a broadcaster who I respect enormously, Bob Costas, so I...

As I Tweeted

The Jim Acosta/White House press pass story is too insider-ish for most Americans to care about, but I predict that, in light of CNN's lawsuit, he'll get his access back -- then Trump will never call on him again at a press...

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