As I Tweeted

Someday, Americans of all kinds will remember where they were when they heard that Eric Swalwell was no longer a candidate for president of the United States. #Only24Left

Lawsuit Of The Day

Congrats to comedian, Daily Beast contributor, and former frequent guest on my radio show Dean Obeidallah, who won a $4.1 million lawsuit against the founder of a neo-Nazi website, who falsely accused him of being behind an Isis attack.

As I Tweeted

Somewhere in Indiana, Pete Buttigieg is quietly translating the Mueller Report into Norwegian.

Pundit Class Fact Of The Day

Anyone who has gone in front of a TV camera or radio microphone this evening — and there were panel after panel after panel full of them — to tell you what is in the Mueller Report is lying because THEY DON’T KNOW.

Blue Collar Laziness

Stories from a couple of friends who are contractors — and having trouble finding new employees — led me to write this piece, which has an ironic ending.

The Mueller Percentage

I saw a news item online today that included the results of a poll that claimed more than a third of Americans think Robert Mueller has not proven that Trump and his administration colluded with Russia. That estimate is completely wrong, as I explain.