The Trump Tax Story

My reaction to the explosive NY Times investigation into Donald Trump’s tax returns, which show how little he’s paid in income tax, how badly his businesses are doing, and how his debts make him a national security risk no one should want in high office.

POTD: Better Know A Ballot

Picture Of The Day: If you live in Missouri and aren’t sure when, where, and how to vote — in person, by mail, or absentee — Stephen Colbert has the accurate information (no, really!) in this short video.

As I Tweeted

If you’re wondering what that loud creaking noise was that you heard about an hour ago, it was Mitch McConnell getting his first erection in years.

POTD: Seth Doesn’t Hold Back

My brother Seth rarely gets this fired up during his TV appearances, but in this interview for a news network in India, he really laid into Trump over his incompetent handling of COVID, the economy, and much more.

Racism Then And Now

Trump’s continuing exploitation of images of violence in tiny sections of US cities ironically reminds me of an incident from the civil rights era, when a picture helped change public opinion.

Why You Should Vote In Person

Best Thing I’ve Read Today: I agree wholeheartedly with this piece by Bruce Barry explaining why Democrats should do everything they can to vote in person on Election Day instead of relying on absentee and mail-in ballots. I know I will.

POTD: This Kid’s Got Guts

Picture Of The Day: Brayden Harrington, a 13-year-old who stutters, met Joe Biden on the campaign trail early this year. They bonded, and Brayden had the guts to do this in front of a national television audience at the DNC convention last night.

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