That Reminds Me Of A Joke

The guy who bet all his money ($85,000) on Tiger Woods winning the Masters — and claims it was his first bet ever — reminds me of my second-favorite Las Vegas joke, even though the outcome was different.

Another Vegas Trip Report

A few stories from another weekend in Vegas, including a visit to a Fan Cave, a confusing casino, a bad restaurant, and a pantsless tourist.

Wanna Bet?

A piece about some of the wacky prop bets I’ve witnessed, been part of, or heard about around a poker table (most of them don’t involve cards).

Degen Gambler Story Of The Day

A guy bet $100,000 that he could stay in a dark bathroom with no outside communication or electronic devices for a month. Before I even read the full story, I knew the guy was under 35, with no wife, no kids, and no...

Short Deck Hold’em

I recently became aware of a new poker variant I hadn't heard of before, but has apparently been around for a couple of years: Short Deck Hold'em. It's played the same as regular Hold'em, except all the twos, threes, fours, and fives are removed from the deck (which...

More Vegas Stories

A few more stories from my most recent trip to Las Vegas... For years, there has been a flat-panel truck driving up and down The Strip, day and night, advertising "Hot Babes Direct To You -- Girls That Want To Meet You," with pictures of scantily-clad young women...

Slow Going In Vegas

For a long time, the Vegas Strip has been nearly impassable via car. Particularly on a weekend night, the volume of traffic makes everyone crawl at a snail's pace. Back in the days when I rented a car each time I was there, I knew the side streets and back entrances...

Time Gets Poker Wrong

Do you notice anything wrong with this image from the "For The Record" page of the current issue of Time magazine? Yes, the chips used were other colors besides just red and white, but look at the cards. The game played in the Main Event of the World Series Of Poker...