POTD: Some News From Your Future

It’s January, 2020, and you’re visited by your future self from April, 2020, with some unexpected news about what’s going to happen in the coming months. That’s the premise of this clever video by Julie Nolke.

POTD: Michael Davis

Picture Of The Day: In the 1980s, after performing on an HBO “Young Comedians” special, juggler Michael Davis emerged from the world of “variety” acts to become nearly omnipresent on television. This was his first time on “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.”

POTD: Seth Rogen’s Tiger Story

This Picture Of The Day is a reminder of a time when the biggest worry in the world was that North Korea might launch missiles at the west coast of the United States because Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie.

POTD: “Lean On Me”

This Picture Of The Day serves a dual purpose. One is to remember Bill Withers, who died this week. The other is to provide a message of unity for a time when we’re forced to stay apart.