POTD: Better Know A Ballot

Picture Of The Day: If you live in Missouri and aren’t sure when, where, and how to vote — in person, by mail, or absentee — Stephen Colbert has the accurate information (no, really!) in this short video.

POTD: “Shaft”

How do you get a bunch of white folks to perform a great version of Isaac Hayes’ theme from “Shaft”? Give them ukuleles!

POTD: More Nicholas Brothers

For the Picture Of The Day, here’s another clip of the greatest dance duo in movie history — the Nicholas Brothers — doing their amazing taps, flips, and splits while dancing with Dorothy Dandridge to the music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

POTD: Seth Doesn’t Hold Back

My brother Seth rarely gets this fired up during his TV appearances, but in this interview for a news network in India, he really laid into Trump over his incompetent handling of COVID, the economy, and much more.

POTD: 88 Keys + 8 Hands

For the Picture Of The Day, here are four pianists playing at the same time — on the same piano. At several points, it reminds me of a Chico Marx routine. I bet the hardest part was remembering whose turn it was to flip the pages on the sheet music.

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