POTD: The Four Yorkshiremen

For the Picture Of The Day, here’s a pre-Monty Python sketch that John Cleese and Graham Chapman did with Tim Brooke-Taylor and Marty Feldman, from “At Last The 1948 Show.” I just hope kids today can watch this and understand how rough life used to be.

POTD: Inside A Hospital COVID-19 Unit

Next time someone tries to tell you some nonsense about COVID-19 being a hoax, or the threat being over, or not needing to wear a mask in public, show them up-close in-hospital reports from CNN’s Miguel Marquez like this one.

POTD: Seth Explains It Again

When my brother Seth ran the US Labor Department, he became very good at analyzing the jobs and unemployment numbers that came in from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here he is on MSNBC with another great analogy for the state of our economy after the BLS released its June jobs report this morning.