POTD: Bike Stunts At Home

After David Pogue tweeted a link to this video, I slapped my head in frustration, because I had just spent a day doing these exact same bicycle stunts — but forgot to capture them on my iPhone! Oh, well, you’ll have to enjoy Fabio Wibmer’s version.

POTD: Three Michael Caines

Yesterday, in my review of “The Trip To Greece,” I mentioned an earlier outing by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in which they’d done dueling Michael Caine impressions. Here they are doing it at a 2014 tribute to the legendary actor.

POTD: For The Longest Time

For today’s Picture Of The Day, a bunch of sheltering-at-home choral singers from Vancouver, Canada, perform a Billy Joel classic, with lyrics customized for the coronavirus crisis.

Tom Snyder & Little Richard

With the deaths of Little Richard last weekend and Tom Snyder in 2007, it’s delightful to look back at this perfect amalgam of a great broadcaster and a great entertainer, from a 1997 broadcast of “The Late Late Show.”

POTD: Sheryl Crow

Here’s Crow with a quarantine version of the best song I’ve ever heard about day drinking. Keep your eye on the guy playing the lap steel guitar.