Four Movie Mini-Reviews

With theaters closed and no big-screen movies to review, here are mini-reviews of four titles available on the small screen, where both you and Paul Manafort can find them. Unfortunately, only one of them rates high enough to earn my recommendation.

Movie Review: “Uncut Gems”

Despite my dislike for pretty much everything he’s done, I finally got around to watching Adam Sandler in the indie drama “Uncut Gems.” Here is my review.

MYMNK: Nightcrawler

The newest addition to my Movies You Might Not Know list is “Nightcrawler,” a 2014 drama with Jake Gyllenhaal as a creep who shoots crime footage at night and sells it to Rene Russo for her morning news show. Here’s my review.

Ten Best Movie Dances Ever

Need something to watch? Here are the ten best dance sequences I have ever seen on film — from solos to duos to ensembles, spanning more than eight decades of movies.

Movie Review: “Parasite”

After worrying that I wouldn’t be able to make it through because of the subtitles, I finally got around to the 2019 Oscar winner for Best Picture, “Parasite.” Here’s my review.

MYMNK: “Sword Of Trust”

New to my Movies You Might Not Know list: Lynn Shelton’s 2019 comedy/drama “Sword Of Trust,” starring Marc Maron, Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins, Jon Bass, and a confederate sword that may hold a Civil War secret. Here’s my review.

Woody Looks Back

My review of Woody Allen’s autobiography, “Apropos Of Nothing,” in which he shares stories from every facet of his life, from childhood to TV writer to standup comedian to writer/director/star of dozens of movies — and yes, the controversy that derailed his career.

Brian Dennehy

Upon his death today at 81, some thoughts on a great actor who was omnipresent on the big screen, the small screen, and the stage for decades — and deserves to be remembered for more than a role in a Chris Farley movie.