POTD: Seth Rogen’s Tiger Story

This Picture Of The Day is a reminder of a time when the biggest worry in the world was that North Korea might launch missiles at the west coast of the United States because Seth Rogen and James Franco made a movie.

Movie Review: “Never Rarely Sometimes Always”

Here is my review of a new movie about a 17-year-old girl from a small town who discovers she’s pregnant, knows she’s not ready for motherhood, and has to travel to the big city to try to get an abortion. It starts streaming today.

POTD: The Dinner Feeder

This Picture Of The Day comes from Joseph Herscher, who creates clever machines in his Brooklyn apartment to solve everyday problems with Rube-Goldberg-like designs. His latest is a device that feeds him dinner.

The Return Of Dundee

I think I actually want to see this new movie with Paul Hogan displaying a sense of humor about his fame and his iconic character. Here’s the trailer.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Reiner!

Happy 98th birthday to comedy legend Carl Reiner, who I’m happy to say was a guest on my radio show more times than almost anyone else. Here’s the audio of just some of his appearances with me.

Movie Review: “The Way Back”

My review of a new movie starring Ben Affleck as an alcoholic construction worker who gets a shot at redemption when he’s hired to coach his old high school’s basketball team.

Movie Review: “Onward”

Here’s my review of “Onward,” the new Pixar movie about two brothers who set off on a quest to find a magic jewel that will help bring their father back to life.