The Next Ten Movies

Here are more movies from 2020 I really enjoyed, even though they didn’t make my top ten. Consider this my nearly-best-of-the-year list.

Best Movies Of 2020

Here are the ten best movies I saw in 2020, including seven dramas and three comedies (two of which are from the same actor and director).

Movie Review: “The Midnight Sky”

George Clooney tried to make “The Midnight Sky” an important movie about a scientist trying to warn a returning spacecraft to stay away from Earth because of a mysterious “event.” Too bad it will be on my Worst Movies Of 2020 list.

Movie Review: “Soul”

Does Pixar’s new movie, “Soul,” fit into the masterpiece category of “Up” and “Inside Out” or the lower-quality group that includes “Onward” and “The Good Dinosaur”? Read my review for the answer.

Movie Review: “Wonder Woman 1984”

I was looking forward to “Wonder Woman 1984,” the superhero sequel with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, and Kristen Wiig, so I’m sorry to say it’ll show up on my Worst Movies Of 2020 list. Here’s why.

Movie Review: “Promising Young Woman”

My review of a new movie starring Carey Mulligan, who gives one of the best performances of the year, as a young woman seeking vengeance against men as a result of an incident from her past.

Two Subtitled Suggestions

Here are my reviews of an award-winning Swedish TV series and an odd, funny little Italian movie that made me happy I’ve gotten over my dislike of foreign content with subtitles.

Movie Review: “Sylvie’s Love”

My review of a new movie from Amazon starring Tessa Thompson that was clearly designed to be a throwback to the romcoms of the 1950s, but like most of those is so cliche-ridden you can predict every beat.

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