Movie Review: “Cut Throat City”

My review of “Cut Throat City,” a movie about four guys so desperate for money in post-Katrina New Orleans that they rob a casino and get involved with a local crime boss. Of course, things don’t go as planned.

POTD: “Stuntwomen” Trailer

Picture Of The Day: I usually don’t watch trailers because I prefer to know as little as possible about the story, stars, and setting before I view the whole movie — but I made an exception for this documentary.

Movie Review: “Driveways”

Here’s my review of a sweet, but sad, story that marked the final film performance by the great Brian Dennehy, who died in April at 81.

What I’m Watching

Reviews of three things I missed when they were originally released, but am happy to have caught up with recently: the movie “American Woman,” the series “Halt and Catch Fire,” and the documentary “Speed Cubers.”

Wilford Brimley

Remembering the great character actor, who deserves to be remembered for “Cocoon,” “The Firm,” “The China Syndrome,” and “Absence of Malice” (in which his single scene stole the movie out from under Paul Newman, Sally Field, and Bob Balaban).

Movie Review: “Rebuilding Paradise”

Here’s my review of “Rebuilding Paradise,” a documentary from Ron Howard and National Geographic, about the wildfire that consumed a California town killing dozens and destroying 11,000 homes — and what happened after the flames went out.

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