Movie Review: “Dark Waters”

Here’s my review of a new movie starring Mark Ruffalo as a lawyer fighting for a poor plaintiff whose life has been irreparably damaged by a big corporation’s environmental pollution (a la “Erin Brockovich” and “A Civil Action”).

Movie Review: “Queen & Slim”

Here’s my review of a movie about a couple on their first date who are pulled over by an antagonistic cop, an encounter which leads them into a cross-country adventure that’s both moving and disturbing.

Two Incredibly Boring Movies

Neither “Frankie” nor “Sorry We Missed You” is worth your time, unless you enjoy sitting in a movie theater desperately trying to stay awake.

Movie Review: “The Report”

Here’s my review of a new movie about an investigator trying to get to the truth of the illegal and ineffective torture program the CIA used on Al Qaeda suspects, with stunning performances by Adam Driver and Annette Bening.

Movie Review: “Clemency”

Here’s my review of Alfre Woodward as a prison warden who has overseen the execution of so many death row prisoners that it’s begun to affect her personally.

Movie Review: “Standing Up, Falling Down”

Here’s my review of a small, independent, character-driven movie that will put a smile on your face, starring Ben Schwartz and Billy Crystal, with a supporting cast you’ll recognize, too.

Movie Review: “Midway”

Here’s my review of the new movie about a key naval-and-air battle during World War II from director Roland Emmerich, who proved his bombast bona fides with “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”

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