Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Rory Turnbull started a thread on Twitter about movie cliches, which other people picked up on, adding their own. The result is a bunch of entries that had me laughing out loud.

Best Documentaries Of 2018

I didn’t see as many documentaries this year as I would have liked, but of those I did, these were the five best.

Trump’s Favorite Movies

Scott Feinberg of the Hollywood Reporter made a list of some of Trump’s favorite movies of 2018, including “WhiteKKKlansman” and “Crazy Rich Russians.” Then he named some of Trump’s all-time faves. I like Scott’s list so much, it inspired me to come up with ten of my own Trumpian titles.

Worst Movies Of 2018

Here are capsule reviews of the ten movies I most regret watching on the big screen this year.

The Next Ten Movies

Here are ten movies that didn’t make my Best Of 2018 list, but were still good enough for Honorable Mention.

Best Movies Of 2018

These are the ten best movies that I saw this year. If you missed these in theaters, I recommend you catch up with them on DVD, Netflix, or Amazon Prime.

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