Movie Review: “Synchronic”

Here’s my review of a sci-fi horror movie about a designer drug that causes havoc in the lives of those who take it, starring one of the “Avengers” and Mister “Fifty Shades.”

“Soul” Crushing

Having seen — and enjoyed — almost every big screen movie Pixar has produced, I was disappointed to hear that its newest project, “Soul,” will not make its debut in theaters next year. Here’s why.

DVR Alert: “The Way I See It”

Tonight, MSNBC will show “The Way I See It,” a documentary about the work of former Chief Official White House Photographer, Pete Souza, who captured many indelible images during his years in both the Obama and Reagan administrations.

Movie Review: “A Life On Our Planet”

A new documentary from one of our best nature documentarians, in which he not only shares more magnificent footage of our world, but also laments the impact of climate change, and offers some hopeful suggestions on what can still be done.

Movie Review: “Stuntwomen”

My review of a documentary about a dangerous profession that’s supposed to be hidden, but becomes even more impressive when you see how the work is done — and the women who do it.

The Miracle Of “Fiddler On The Roof”

I have a history with “Fiddler On The Roof” going back to when I was 8 or 9. That’s why I got such a kick out of a documentary about the show, from its origins on Broadway to its appeal all around the world and across cultures.

POTD: Wag The Virus

Picture Of The Day: The last thing Trump wanted was for COVID-19 to continue getting a lot of attention. His contracting the disease obliterated that. But I bet there’s a White House staffer studying this movie and making secret plans.

Movie Review: “Enola Holmes”

My review of a movie that introduces the teenage sister of Sherlock Holmes (played by Millie Bobby Brown), who’s forced to play detective when her mother goes missing.

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