Another Podcast Alert

Here’s the second of two podcasts I did this week with Tom, Kevin, and Joe on Reel Spoilers. This time, we went in depth on Sam Mendes’ World War I movie, “1917.”

Podcast Alert

Here’s the first of two Reel Spoilers podcasts I did for this week with Tom, Kevin, and Joe. Listen and note how old Tom and I are just by our TV references!‬

Movie Review: “Just Mercy”

My review of a new legal drama starring Michael B. Jordan as a lawyer trying to save the life of death row inmate Jamie Foxx, from the writer/director who made “Short Term 12.”

Movie Review: “1917”

My review of “1917,” a new movie about two soldiers tasked with delivering a vital life-saving message on foot in the midst of World War I, directed by Sam Mendes.

Worst Movies Of 2019

Here’s my list of the ten worst movies I saw this year. Sadly, many of them starred actors whose work I usually admire — including one who appeared in two of these stinkers!

Best Documentaries Of 2019

Here are the five best documentaries I saw this year. The top three were so good they could have been included on my overall Best Of 2019 list.

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