Bring Back Panel Shows

To watch the latest in a famous UK documentary series, my wife signed up for a trial of streaming service BritBox, which led me to discover an art form that was once very popular on American primetime TV — and should be again.

Another Tivoli Take

As a followup to a piece I wrote Friday, here’s more on my love-hate relationship with the recently-sold Tivoli movie theater in St. Louis — and a couple of very basic reasons I don’t foresee returning to it anytime soon.

Movie Review: “Voyagers”

Here’s my review of a new sci-fi movie about a bunch of young people on a mission to colonize a new planet several decades from now — if they can just get there in one piece.

Movie Review: “Concrete Cowboy”

Here’s my review of a new movie streaming on Netflix. The bad news is that despite the presence of Idris Elba and Lorraine Toussaint, it’s likely to end up on my Worst Movies Of 2021 list.

MYMNK: “Devil In A Blue Dress”

The newest addition to my Movies You Might Not Know list is a 1995 film noir starring Denzel Washington that was supposed to kick off a series of movies based on Walter Mosley novels. Here’s my review.

Movie Review: “French Exit”

Here’s my review of a new movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer as an upperclass New York socialite widow who’s shocked to discover that her money has run out. So, naturally, she and her son move to Paris.

Movie Review: “News Of The World”

Here’s my review of a movie starring Tom Hanks as a traveling storyteller who has to transport a young girl across the wide-open spaces of Texas in the years after the Civil War.

Movie Review: “The Courier”

Here’s my review of a new movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a British businessman recruited to befriend a Soviet intelligence officer who wanted to leak nuclear weapons plans to the west in the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

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