Movie Review: “The Rhythm Section”

My review of a recent movie starring Blake Lively as a junkie prostitute who seeks vengeance against the terrorists who killed her whole family by blowing up a passenger plane.

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Last night, I came upon one of my guilty pleasures, “In Like Flint,” the second silly James Coburn spy story (1967). Besides Lee J. Cobb, I’d forgotten its cast included Yvonne Craig as a Russian ballerina and Herb Edelman (complete with bushy fake eyebrows) as the Soviet premier!

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It’s extremely improbable that there’s a parallel universe where positive is negative, left is right, and time runs backwards. But if there is, in that universe, every movie is “Memento.” Except “Memento.”

Movie Review: “The Assistant”

My review of “The Assistant,” starring Julia Garner as recent college graduate working for a powerful movie executive everyone in the office fears, including the young women he takes advantage of sexually.

POTD: The Goodbye Girl Reunion

Today’s Picture Of The Day is an episode of “Stars In The House” reuniting the original cast of the 1977 Neil Simon movie “The Goodbye Girl” — Marsha Mason, Richard Dreyfuss, and Quinn Cummings.

Four Movie Mini-Reviews

With theaters closed and no big-screen movies to review, here are mini-reviews of four titles available on the small screen, where both you and Paul Manafort can find them. Unfortunately, only one of them rates high enough to earn my recommendation.

Movie Review: “Uncut Gems”

Despite my dislike for pretty much everything he’s done, I finally got around to watching Adam Sandler in the indie drama “Uncut Gems.” Here is my review.