Picture Of The Day: Bill Bailey

Bill Bailey is a British comedian you probably haven’t heard of — I hadn’t until today — but this clip from a charity event last fall will give you a taste of a clever, funny man.

Best Thing I’ve Heard Today

Elayne Boosler, one of my all-time favorite comedians and a real trailblazer — the first female standup to do contemporary, observational humor — explains the sexist obstacles she had to overcome to have a successful career.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Two different takes on the leaked audio of Louis CK’s recent comedy club set, in which he joked about the Parkland shooting students and non-binary youth. Their pieces are not about his material, but about whether it’s right to judge the work-in-progress of a comedian trying out material on stage.

Will Durst’s Top 10 Stories Of 2018

My friend, comedian Will Durst, looks back at the year that was... Sit the kids down. Let the dogs out. Prop the grandparents up. The nation’s patience has been richly rewarded, because the eagerly awaited list of the Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2018 has been...

Comedy Club Dogs

I haven’t been to a comedy club in years. The standups I want to see (e.g. John Mulaney, Kathleen Madigan, Brian Regan, Paula Poundstone) have all graduated to playing bigger venues that don’t have a two-drink minimum. But on a recent road trip, I had an evening free...

Picture Of The Day: Nina Conti

This is a clip of ventriloquist Nina Conti, who strapped a Vent-Mask to the face of an audience member she pulled onstage. The Vent-Mask was invented by Joel Hodgson, the guy behind "Mystery Science Theater 3000," who did it in his act in a Minneapolis comedy club in...

Bill Maher’s Anniversary

There have been a few times when I've sworn I was done with Bill Maher because he did something incredibly anti-science on his show, like his dangerous anti-vaccination remarks or the interview with the "doctor" who claimed he had an AIDS cure made from the milk of...

Robert Klein Time

On my recent trip to Vegas, I was thrilled to discover that Robert Klein was appearing at the Southpoint Casino's showroom. I've been a fan of Klein since my teen years, a topic I covered here in 2005 when he guested on my radio show. So, I bought a pair of tickets...

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