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I’m Back

After a few days of silently watching current events, I’m back with thoughts on peaceful protestors, police actions against them, and the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Not Right Now

If you’re a regular reader of this site or listened to my radio show over the years, you know that I’m rarely speechless and seldom hesitate to offer my opinion. But this is different. Here is why.

Phil Gets Fed Again

We are such fans of “Somebody Feed Phil” that when the third season was released on Netflix, we binged all five episodes in a day. Here are a few thoughts on the show.

POTD: Where Are The Mimes?

In today’s Picture Of The Day, Julie Nolke and Gina Phillips cover a sad breaking news story, including a report of a 30% decrease of people stuck in boxes and virtually no one playing fake tug-of-war.

Audience Applause

In response to a blog post by Ken Levine about whether sitcom showrunners should allow the studio audience to applaud when a popular character or guest star makes an entrance, I remember one instance where it was highly appropriate.

Another Covid Concert Cancellation

Another concert tour cancelled due to concerns about COVID-19: John Fogerty won’t perform at The Fabulous Fox in St. Louis on July 12th. But here he is doing a CCR classic at home with his family.

As I Tweeted

Attention media outlets!! If you’re going to publish bullshit headlines like, “Trump Threatens to Close Down Twitter to Protect Free Speech,” then you MUST add these words: “He Has Absolutely No Power To Do So, Making This Yet Another Empty Threat.”

A Herd Already Immune

Our society won’t be able to return to anything approaching normalcy until enough people are inoculated with an effective vaccine for COVID-19. But I have serious doubts we can count on enough of our fellow citizens to get the shot. Read on.

POTD: Bike Stunts At Home

After David Pogue tweeted a link to this video, I slapped my head in frustration, because I had just spent a day doing these exact same bicycle stunts — but forgot to capture them on my iPhone! Oh, well, you’ll have to enjoy Fabio Wibmer’s version.

POTD: Three Michael Caines

Yesterday, in my review of “The Trip To Greece,” I mentioned an earlier outing by Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon in which they’d done dueling Michael Caine impressions. Here they are doing it at a 2014 tribute to the legendary actor.

More Covidiots On Display

My reaction to video of the large group of covidiots gathered in and around a swimming pool at Lake Of The Ozarks, Missouri, this weekend. Also, what store owners should tell people who won’t wear masks while shopping.

Everything Must Go

For months, Bill Maher has been asking what can be done if Biden wins the election but Trump refuses to leave the White House. Here is why it’s a moot point.