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Picture Of The Day: Fear

Here’s a clip from Jim Jefferies’ show last week in which he talks with author Barry Glassner about why Americans are afraid of the wrong things — and how you’re being manipulated because of those fears.

As I Tweeted

If you are still whining about your body not adjusting to the switch back from Daylight Saving Time to Standard Time — six days later — you probably want to consult a physician. And, by all means, never travel to another time zone.

Movie Review: “Midway”

Here’s my review of the new movie about a key naval-and-air battle during World War II from director Roland Emmerich, who proved his bombast bona fides with “Independence Day” and “The Day After Tomorrow.”

Facebook’s Bad Decision

Here’s why Mark Zuckerberg is wrong in accepting paid political advertising full of lies of deception — from anyone — to run unexpurgated on Facebook.

As I Tweeted

Overheard today from a father who’s going to take his kids trick or treating tonight in St. Louis, where it’s freezing cold: “I don’t think they’ll last very long. They’re not that durable.”

Movie Review: “The Current War”

Here’s my review of a new movie about the battle between inventors Thomas Edison (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Westinghouse (Michael Shannon) to wire America for electricity in the late 19th century.

Cardinal Knowledge

This is how I spent almost two decades on the radio in St. Louis without knowing anything about the Cardinals — even when I had to broadcast from spring training!

Mr. Perspective On Howard Stern

During recent appearances on late-night TV to promote his book, Stern was referred to as “King Of All Media” — a moniker he gave himself long ago that was never really true, as I explain.