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As I Tweeted

With airlines having to issue statements that they’re cracking down on abusive passengers and those who won’t wear masks, whatever happened to Air Marshals, who were supposed to be on board many domestic flights? Oh, right, that’s when the terrorists had brown skin.

Not So Fast, Venetian

Here’s why the death of GOP mega-donor Sheldon Adelson does not mean those of us who have boycotted his Venetian hotel/casino in Las Vegas will be rushing back.

Random Thoughts

Quickies on masks and magnetometers in Congress, Cumulus warning its radio hosts, corporations stopping contributions to some politicians, and why the official number of COVID-19 infections seems very low to me.

As I Tweeted

Stop saying Bill Belichick is a patriot or hero because he won’t accept the Presidential Medal Of Freedom from Trump. It merely means he is very slightly less of a jerk than we all thought.

It’s Ken Jennings’ World

Some thoughts on Ken Jennings’ debut as guest host of “Jeopardy!” yesterday, as well as another trivia show he’s now associated with that debuted last week, “The Chase.”

Best Documentaries Of 2020

The recap of my year-end movie lists was interrupted by current events last week before I could post this final installment, but here it is — the ten best documentaries I saw in 2020.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Randall Lane, chief content officer and editor of Forbes, issues a warning to any company that hires Trump’s foremost liars and apologists (Kayleigh McEnany, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Jennifer Grisham, Sean Spicer, Kellyanne Conway).

Two Days After

A few more thoughts about the ongoing crisis created by the coup attempt at the US Capitol on Wednesday, including why impeaching Trump for a second time would be as ineffective as it was a year ago — and could actually benefit him.

As I Tweeted

If you are the GM or PD of a radio station that airs Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, or the like, you are complicit in what happened yesterday at the Capitol because of the disinformation you’ve allowed to be spread through your transmitter for years.

The Day After

The Day After: I have lots to say about yesterday’s attack on the US Capitol by Trump cult members, including questions about why the Capitol Police and FBI didn’t know what to expect after plans were posted publicly on right-wing social media.

As I Tweeted

My tweets as the coup attempt by right-wing domestic terrorists at the US Capitol proceeds without police lifting a finger.

Worst Movies Of 2020

Since I’ve already revealed my favorite movies of 2020, here are the ones at the other end of the spectrum, where the hoped-they-were-good-but-turned-out-bad films live.

The Next Ten Movies

Here are more movies from 2020 I really enjoyed, even though they didn’t make my top ten. Consider this my nearly-best-of-the-year list.