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MYMNK: Nightcrawler

The newest addition to my Movies You Might Not Know list is “Nightcrawler,” a 2014 drama with Jake Gyllenhaal as a creep who shoots crime footage at night and sells it to Rene Russo for her morning news show. Here’s my review.

No Ventilator For You!

This op-ed agrees with my earlier pieces saying people who protest against lockdowns have a moral duty to forgo medical care in favor of those who followed the rules.

Four-Handed? No Thanks!

Gaming commissions and control boards are coming up with plans for how casinos and poker rooms in Las Vegas, St. Louis, and elsewhere might reopen — but I remain very skeptical. Read on.

Life Is Too Short

After discovering I had reached the maximum number of permissible “friends” on Facebook, I’ve recently begun purging some. Here are some of the criteria for those decisions.

Ten Best Movie Dances Ever

Need something to watch? Here are the ten best dance sequences I have ever seen on film — from solos to duos to ensembles, spanning more than eight decades of movies.

A Bit Premature

Mike Pence’s announcement about disbanding the coronavirus task force seems a little premature — until you look at what else he announced today. Read on.

Mere Gestures

For several weeks, we’ve seen a well-deserved outpouring of support for our “front line workers.” But will we offer them anything more than mere gestures? Here are my thoughts.

Why Waste The Food? (An Update)

An update (with some good news) on a piece I wrote three weeks ago regarding millions of gallons of milk and millions of pounds of produce that are being destroyed because farmers have no one to sell them to.

Elk 6, Bison 0

All this sheltering-at-home — combined with a high pollen count — has created some serious cabin fever, so we got out of the house and went for a drive through Lone Elk Park. Here’s the story.

National Lampoon Flashbacks

With the death of National Lampoon co-founder Matty Simmons at 93, I’ve dug up three things from my archives related to the original magazine and its movie spin-offs.