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Movie Review: “Just Mercy”

My review of a new legal drama starring Michael B. Jordan as a lawyer trying to save the life of death row inmate Jamie Foxx, from the writer/director who made “Short Term 12.”

Movie Review: “1917”

My review of “1917,” a new movie about two soldiers tasked with delivering a vital life-saving message on foot in the midst of World War I, directed by Sam Mendes.

Joe Namath? Really?

Some thoughts upon seeing Joe Namath on a TV commercial and wondering, “How is he still getting endorsement deals?”

You Make The Call

Remembering the quick NFL Films quizzes that ran adjacent to commercials on Monday Night Football. They haven’t been resurrected on TV, but there’s a new online version you can play (link included).

A Family Weekend In Vegas

A few stories from a recent weekend in Las Vegas with my wife and daughter, including a stunning state park visit, a Harry Potter show, & a magical night of card tricks and mentalism.

I’m Just Curious

In 2003, Vice President Dick Cheney, defending the US invasion of Iraq, claimed, “We will be greeted as liberators.” I’m just curious, considering today’s news: how’s that going?

As I Tweeted

Really glad that, before the new year begins, I invested a lot of money to protect my laptop and other devices from the Y2K2X bug. Don’t need a repeat of the nightmare we all barely lived through twenty years ago!

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I had to smile at this paragraph from an obituary of Allee Willis, who wrote the “Friends” TV theme song and the Earth, Wind, & Fire hit “September.”

Worst Movies Of 2019

Here’s my list of the ten worst movies I saw this year. Sadly, many of them starred actors whose work I usually admire — including one who appeared in two of these stinkers!

Best Movies Of 2019

These are the ten best non-documentary movies that I saw this year (my list of the best documentaries will come later this week).