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Movie Review: “Unpregnant”

Here’s my review of a movie about a Missouri high schooler who finds herself pregnant, then has to travel to Albuquerque for an abortion, so she enlists a former friend to make the road trip with her. It will be on my Best Movies Of 2020 list.

The Trump Tax Story

My reaction to the explosive NY Times investigation into Donald Trump’s tax returns, which show how little he’s paid in income tax, how badly his businesses are doing, and how his debts make him a national security risk no one should want in high office.

Movie Review: “Kajillionaire”

Here’s my review of a new movie about two low-level grifters who are barely making it day to day, and the odd scams they try to pull off just to get by with their twenty-something daughter, who’s never known another life.

My Mistake On The Spectrum

I made a big mistake this week, when my frustration at an internet provider over one aspect of its service made me go to the competition, which turned out to be even worse. Here’s the story.

Flights To Nowhere

This makes no sense. People are so desperate to get out of the house, they’re buying tickets to get on planes that fly around for a few hours and land where they took off. They’re probably doing health checks on the honor system, too. Read more…

What I’m Watching

After being disappointed by a couple of new streaming series, we found documentaries about two fascinating show business figures whose work we’ve long admired — Sidney Lumet and Dabney Coleman. Here are my reviews.

Random TV Thoughts

Quick thoughts about the In Memoriam segments of awards shows, why TV shows do not need DJs to play music, my opening bid to buy Quibi, and whether Fox News Channel is truly balanced.

The RBG Origin Story Movie

Now that you’ve read all the remembrances of the late, great Ruth Bader Ginsburg, it’s a good time to watch “On The Basis Of Sex” — essentially the RBG origin story — with a great lead performance by Felicity Jones. My review from 2019 is here.

Movie Review: “All In”

Voter suppression has been a factor in our nation’s elections for as long as there’s been an America. Here is my review of “All In: The Fight For Democracy,” a documentary that traces that history.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I’m going to give you a short excerpt of a piece by TV writer and showrunner Eileen Heisler, and hope it gets you to read her full piece, which had me laughing out loud, alone, in my home office.

POTD: More Nicholas Brothers

For the Picture Of The Day, here’s another clip of the greatest dance duo in movie history — the Nicholas Brothers — doing their amazing taps, flips, and splits while dancing with Dorothy Dandridge to the music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

As I Tweeted

In honor of Israel signing a “peace deal” with two countries it has never gone to war with, the St. Louis Cardinals today announced a non-aggression pact with the Edmonton Oilers and Cleveland Cavaliers.