Picture Of The Day: “Come From Away”

I’ve raved many times about the Broadway musical “Come From Away,” based on true events that happened on and after 9/11. Here’s the cast performing some of its songs on the 18th anniversary yesterday.

Keeping 9/11 In Perspective

Here’s a piece I wrote in 2003 on the second anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, offering perspective on how daily American lives were not really changed that horrible day.

Movies By City

If you have a list of movies to find and rent (or borrow from your library, as I do), there are dozens of suggestions here for you to add to your queue. Even if you’re just a movie lover, how many have you seen?

Movie Review: “American Factory”

A new documentary about a Chinese company taking over a shuttered US auto factory and putting Americans back to work, had me flashing back to the 1986 Ron Howard comedy, “Gung Ho” — except these economic struggles are not played for laughs.

Lock Up Those Phones

After experiences at two recent concerts, my desire to have venues lock up the phones of attendees — to keep them from annoying the rest of us — has only grown exponentially.

No One Is Saying

These phrases are hereby banned from comments on any of my posts, here or on Twitter and Facebook.

Heat, Humidity, and Home

Here is why, despite both being retired, my wife and I are not planning to sell our house and move away from St. Louis anytime soon.

Women Making A Racket

Watching the US Open over the last week, it has been nice to see a new generation of young female American tennis stars emerging — but where are the men? Here are my thoughts.

Valerie Harper

When I heard Friday of the death of Valerie Harper at age 80, I went to my archives to dig out this revealing conversation I had with her in February, 2006.

The End Of The Harris Challenge

After more than 30 years and various formats — both on the air and online — I have decided to end my topical trivia game, The Harris Challenge. Here’s the back story.

Four Random Thoughts

A few thoughts off the top of my head, from a Tarantino baby to spam call blockers to Hare Krishnas to cancer scientists.