Movie Review: “The Farewell”

Awkafina, fresh off scene-stealing performances in “Oceans 8” and “Crazy Rich Asians,” takes on the dramatic lead in “The Farewell,” about a family dealing with a terminal diagnosis by telling “a good lie.” Here is my full review.

Movie You Might Not Know: “Arctic”

Here’s my full review of “Arctic,” in which Mads Mikkelson gives an amazing performance as a man lost in a frozen wilderness alone. I’ve added it to my Movies You Might Not Know list.

Movie Review: “The Lion King”

I’m not sure HOW Jon Favreau and his technical team made this version of “The Lion King,” but I’m even less sure WHY they did it. Here’s my full review.

Movie Review: “Maiden”

My review of “Maiden,” a compelling documentary about the first all-female crew to race a sailboat around the world.

Five Random Thoughts

From self-driving cars to scientists on money to artificial intelligence in poker to my new pet peeve to emails asking my opinion.

Read The Clue!

Here are three encounters I had with people who should have paid more attention when I made simple requests.

Eleven Minutes?

Watching “Jimmy Kimmel Live” last night, I was stunned to see how long the commercial break was between the first and second guests’ segments, and was reminded of a story from my early days in radio.

Movie Review: “Stuber”

My review of the new action-comedy, which stars Kumail Nanjiani as an Uber driver forced to take Dave Bautista, as a cop, all over town to catch a bad guy.

Concert Review: Heart & Sheryl Crow

Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart have reunited for a national tour, with Sheryl Crow also on the bill & they all sound great! Here’s my review of their opening night in St. Louis.

Harris In Moscow, Part 4

Here’s the fourth in my series of memories of 1989, when I broadcast my DC morning radio show from Moscow for a week — complete with wheat soda, sweaty cheese, the key lady, a cigarette-loving cabbie, and the Kocmoc.

As I Tweeted

Someday, Americans of all kinds will remember where they were when they heard that Eric Swalwell was no longer a candidate for president of the United States. #Only24Left

Five Rules For Restaurants

I’m sure you have restaurant pet peeves of your own. After reading mine, feel free to add yours in the comments.