Theater Review: “The Agitators”

My review of a terrific St. Louis production of a play about the decades-long friendship of two of the most famous Americans of the 19th century, Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass, as they advocated to allow blacks and women to vote.

A Night At The Comedy Store

From my trip to LA last week, here’s what it’s like to watch comedian after comedian get up to do 15-minute sets in one of the most esteemed comedy clubs in the country.

The Show Won’t Go On

Here’s my full review of a new book by Jeff Abraham and Burt Kearns, subtitled “The Most Shocking, Bizarre, and Historic Deaths Of Performers Onstage.” If I still had a radio show, I’d do an hour with them.

Unimpeachable Random Thoughts

Amid the impeachment inquiry, my thoughts on Trump’s very bad, no good, whistle-blown week — the first of many to come — plus a few people in his orbit.

Tour De Europe 6

Last entry in my travel series: you’d think it would be easy for US citizens to return from vacation to our own country — unless you’ve had to deal with the Customs and Border Protection process at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Tour De Europe 5

Here’s part five of my series about our recent adventures on a European vacation, including stories about a red light district, legalized weed stores, a way to keep junk mail away, and the most attractive people I’ve ever seen.

Tour De Europe 4

Here’s the fourth in my series of stories from our recent European vacation, this time focusing on Copenhagen, Denmark, one of the most progressive cities in the world.

Inane Sideline Interviews

Television coverage of the NFL always contains inane sideline interviews that garner exactly zero information from their subjects. I don’t blame the reporters — I blame the networks. Here are two glaring examples from today.

Tour De Europe 3

This is the third in a series of stories from our recent two-week trip to Europe. Today’s installment is all about food.

Tour De Europe 2

Here’s the second in my series of stories from our recent trip to several European cities, this time focusing on their high-speed trains and other public transportation.

Tour De Europe

My wife and I spent the last two weeks in Europe, so I’ll have lots of stories and observations to share with you in the coming days. But let’s start with bicycles.

Movie Review: “Official Secrets”

My review of a new movie starring Keira Knightley as a real-life British intelligence officer who leaked a classified memo to try to stop the inevitable march to war in Iraq.