Movie Review: “All In”

Voter suppression has been a factor in our nation’s elections for as long as there’s been an America. Here is my review of “All In: The Fight For Democracy,” a documentary that traces that history.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

I’m going to give you a short excerpt of a piece by TV writer and showrunner Eileen Heisler, and hope it gets you to read her full piece, which had me laughing out loud, alone, in my home office.

I Must Say

I just can’t let these four news items go by without commenting on them.

At-Home Theater

Here are my reviews of two magic shows and two plays, produced via Zoom for viewing at home during the pandemic, we’ve watched recently.

POTD: More Nicholas Brothers

For the Picture Of The Day, here’s another clip of the greatest dance duo in movie history — the Nicholas Brothers — doing their amazing taps, flips, and splits while dancing with Dorothy Dandridge to the music of the Glenn Miller Orchestra.

Best & Worst Of Monday Night Football

Here’s the video of my conversation with Nolan Dalla about who we consider the best and worst announcers (both play-by-play and analyst) in the 50+ years of Monday Night Football. Watch to see how your choices correspond to ours.

Five Random Thoughts

Among the topics I touch on briefly today: Rocky and Bullwinkle, toilet paper memories, sports in empty stadiums, people who still smoke cigarettes, and the time I thought I’d found a radio station in an unlikely place.

No Unity Allowed

What do fans at last night’s Chiefs-Texans game, booing as the teams locked arms in unity, have in common with face mask refuseniks? The answer comes down to a single word.

Movie Review: “Blackbird”

My review of a movie starring Susan Sarandon as a terminally ill woman who gathers her family (including Sam Neill, Kate Winslet, Rainn Wilson, and Mia Wasikowska) together one last time before she kills herself.

Time To Resurrect This Radio Idea

The latest unemployment numbers reminded me of one of the ways in which radio can be an important resource in a community. Consider it a free gift to hosts in any daypart who want to make a difference — and fill lots of airtime, too.

POTD: Seth Doesn’t Hold Back

My brother Seth rarely gets this fired up during his TV appearances, but in this interview for a news network in India, he really laid into Trump over his incompetent handling of COVID, the economy, and much more.

TV Review: “Away”

My review of a new Netflix series starring Hilary Swank as the commander of a five-person crew on a mission to Mars. One aspect of the show confused me so much I had to turn to a scientist friend for some answers. Can you provide more info?

There’s A Doctor In My Ear

I’d been having a problem with my left ear. Something in there was bothering me, but I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I headed for my doctor’s office. Here’s what happened.