POTD: Roy Zimmerman

For the Picture Of The Day, Roy Zimmerman is back, this time turning an old Bob Dylan song into a parody about Rudy Giuliani’s ridiculous press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping.

An Election Analogy

Allow me to utilize a simple sports analogy to explain why the whining from Trump and his acolytes over the election will not change the result.

Talking Football

Nolan Dalla and Matt Lessinger invited veteran play-by-play man Howard David and me to talk about football for an hour, and we mostly managed to stay on that topic, although we did go off on a few tangents. You can watch the whole thing here.

Movie Review: “The Climb”

If you enjoy reading my reviews of really bad movies, here’s one for you — a buddy comedy with no laughs that is my current leader for Worst Movie Of 2020.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

Aaron Blake of the Washington Post compiled several examples of how badly Trump’s legal teams are doing in courts across the country with their spurious lawsuits over the election results.

Movie Review: A Harry Chapin Documentary

Here’s my review of a new documentary about Harry Chapin, the 1970s singer/songwriter/activist who was one of music’s greatest storytellers, with whom I always felt a personal connection.

Biden Time

Some reflections on the state of our lives now that the presidential election has been settled — and a message for those who, because their cult leader lost, stubbornly believe it hasn’t.

Alex Trebek

Upon hearing that Alex Trebek died at age 80 this weekend, I thought not only about all the years I’d respected his work on “Jeopardy!” but also about the time I saw him host a game show in person.

It’s Inevitable Now

Thoughts on how the GOP tortured its own candidate, the one day Trump will beat Biden, why a concession doesn’t matter, and a tweet I wish I’d sent.

Random Thoughts

How a restaurant’s bankruptcy made me think of my father, why a Netflix series made me tear up, a game show resurrection I’m looking forward to, and what might be the Headline Of The Week.

Movie Review: “Let Him Go”

My review of a new movie starring Diane Lane and Kevin Costner — not as Superman’s parents, but as a couple desperate to find their grandson — with a scene-stealing performance by Lesley Manville.

Ten Election Takeaways

Here are ten things we know this morning, regardless of what happens when the rest of the votes are counted.