POTD: The Muppets Venture Outside

Picture Of The Day: As they prepared to make “The Muppet Movie” in 1979, Jim Henson and his team had never played their characters outside a studio. So they set up a camera test outdoors and ad libbed as their alter egos for several hysterical minutes.

Survey Says, Stop With The Surveys!

Despite the constant requests from pretty much every corporation I interact with, I almost never respond to surveys or follow-up questions about products I’ve bought or services I’ve used. Here’s why.

Those Super Bowl Ads

Some thoughts on the commercials that ran during last night’s Super Bowl — which ones worked, which ones didn’t, and why advertisers should stop using former “SNL” stars. Plus, I point out the biggest missed opportunity of the broadcast.

Three Super Bowl Stories

Before you watch Super Bowl LV tonight, let’s flash back to three stories I wrote years ago about attending, covering, and watching the big game.

My Christopher Plummer Story

When I heard yesterday that Christopher Plummer had died at 91, I racked my brain to come up with a story about him — then remembered this, from a theatrical performance I witnessed forty years ago.

POTD: Tim Minchin

For the Picture Of The Day, I offer you a Tim Minchin twofer — a song from his new album, plus a classic from his 2011 Royal Albert Hall concert (which is now streaming on Prime Video).

Movie Review: “The Donut King”

Here’s my review of “The Donut King,” a documentary about “Uncle Ted,” the man behind more than 5,000 mom-and-pop donut shops in California operated mostly by families of Cambodian refugees. I got a sugar rush just watching it.

Movie Review: “The Little Things”

Here’s my review of a psychological thriller starring Denzel Washington and a badly miscast Rami Malek. Let me explain why you shouldn’t waste your time watching it.

Movie Review: “Sound Of Metal”

Here’s my review of a movie starring Riz Ahmed as a rock and roll drummer who loses his hearing and has to learn how to navigate his way through the Deaf community.

A Missed Magical Opportunity

While watching Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” the other night — as we have for a decade — an idea occurred to me that I’m surprised hasn’t been exploited yet. I give way this million-dollar idea here.

Best Thing I’ve Read Today

My friend Nolan Dalla explains why you should ignore stories about someone putting a large sum of money down on the Super Bowl, because the size of their bet doesn’t mean they know what they’re doing.

St. Maarten

With snow on the ground in St. Louis, I’m reminiscing about the first time my wife and I got away from cold weather to spend a few days on a beach in the Caribbean.

What I’m Watching

My recommendations for streaming shows about a French “gentleman burglar,” the filmed version of a Broadway mega-hit, a series about PR pros helping clients get past career crises, and a high-concept coming-of-age adventure.

A Tech Pet Peeve

Pardon me while I complain about something HBO Max and Apple TV+ don’t allow users to do, even though Netflix and Prime Video do.