WSOP Leftovers

Some leftover observations from my recent trip to the World Series Of Poker, including a suggestion for ride share drivers, a chip-runners heads-up, and table talk that should be allowed in one specific casino.

Harris In Moscow, Part 3

Continuing a series of entries from my trip 30 years ago to do Washington, DC, morning radio shows from Moscow — still in the Soviet era — here’s the story of the subway escalator that tried to eat me.

Harris In Moscow, Part 2

Sitting in a cavernous Russian radio studio, about to start my live radio shows from Moscow to Washington, DC, I was speechless and freaking out. Thankfully, my friend Mike knew just what to say to snap me back to reality.

Harris In Moscow, Part 1

Thirty years ago this week, I undertook one of the great adventures of my radio career — broadcasting my morning radio show on WCXR/Washington from Moscow.

DVR Alert: “Apollo 11”

The don’t-miss documentary “Apollo 11” airs on CNN tonight. It’s my highest-rated movie of 2019, so set your DVR to catch it. Here’s my review from earlier this year.

Movie Review: “Toy Story 4”

I didn’t think the “Toy Story” saga needed to continue after the Kleenex-soaking emotional finale of the third movie, but I was wrong. Here’s my review of the fourth movie in the series, which features some new characters along with your old favorites.

Review: “Opium”

If you’re looking for the worst show you could see on the Vegas strip, I’ve found it. Surprising, considering how much I liked the first show from the same creative team. Here’s my review.

Lawsuit Of The Day

Congrats to comedian, Daily Beast contributor, and former frequent guest on my radio show Dean Obeidallah, who won a $4.1 million lawsuit against the founder of a neo-Nazi website, who falsely accused him of being behind an Isis attack.

My Last WSOP For A While

A few stories from my latest trip to the World Series Of Poker, and an explanation of why it will probably be my last for a while.

Review: Marc Maron

I’ve been a fan of so many things Marc Maron has done, but until a few nights ago, I’d never seen him perform in person. Here’s my review.

Movie Review: “Shaft”

There’s a new movie about the black private dick who’s a sex machine to all the chicks. Yes, I’m talking about John Shaft. Here’s my review.

Movie Review: “Late Night”

Here’s my review of “Late Night,” Mindy Kaling’s satire of late-night television, with a host who seems kinda Letterman-like — except she’s played by Emma Thompson.