POTD: I Laughed Till I Cried

Austin Tichenor, one-third of the Reduced Shakespeare Company has taken to YouTube and posted this clever ditty he wrote and performed in the RSC’s “The Complete History Of Comedy (abridged).” As a longtime fan, I’ve made it my Picture Of The Day.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Reiner!

Happy 98th birthday to comedy legend Carl Reiner, who I’m happy to say was a guest on my radio show more times than almost anyone else. Here’s the audio of just some of his appearances with me.

My Friday Morning Expedition

Observations from a trip to a bagel store and the supermarket, where a good new rule is in place — which I am embarrassed to say I had not considered.

Random Thoughts

More topical observations about Sanjay Gupta, Joe Biden, an upside to Coronavirus coverage, and a question about couples sheltering at home.

POTD: Tom Lehrer

Picture Of The Day: How does COVID-19 spread quickly when people don’t stay away from each other? The great Tom Lehrer knew!

Tucker And I

Holy crap! Here’s something I never thought I’d post. Tucker Carlson agrees with me about Senator Richard Burr.

Prosecute Him Now!

If we had a real Justice Department, it would be investigating how Richard Burr, chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, sold off over a million in stock 3 weeks ago after telling a private gathering how bad the impact of Coronavirus would be on our economy. Here’s the story.

Social, But Distant

Observations on recent events, from people at the library to Americans lining up for guns and cash, and why being a misanthrope in retirement is finally paying off.

Coronavirus Con

Jim Bakker is being sued by the Attorney General of Missouri for selling what he claims is a Coronavirus cure. Here is the story.

At Least They’re Trying

Thoughts on the late-night hosts trying to create new content from home while the Coronavirus keeps them — and their audiences — away from their studios.

Dairy Barn

Remembering a drive-through grocery store that was a constant in my childhood, but was long ago killed off by the expansion of convenience stores at every gas station. We sure could use it now.

Random Political Thoughts

Some thoughts about Coronavirus deniers, presidential responsibility, what Biden should say to Sanders supporters, and more.

Out Of Town In A Crisis

Here are some stories about our trip to Florida last week, smack dab in the middle of the Coronavirus crisis.