Movie Review: “French Exit”

Here’s my review of a new movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer as an upperclass New York socialite widow who’s shocked to discover that her money has run out. So, naturally, she and her son move to Paris.

Movie Review: “News Of The World”

Here’s my review of a movie starring Tom Hanks as a traveling storyteller who has to transport a young girl across the wide-open spaces of Texas in the years after the Civil War.

No Audience Necessary

Some of the late-night talk/comedy TV shows have begun to allow audiences back into the studio, but several of them would be better off not making that move. Here’s why.

One Down, One To Go

My wife and I were shocked when we were notified this weekend that we could sign up for our first COVID-19 vaccination, and even more surprised we were able to nab an appointment the same day. Here’s the story.

A New Low For Dumb Questions

Here’s my reaction to the incredibly dumb questions asked by not one, but two White House reporters during Joe Biden’s first presidential press conference yesterday — and why young progressives must stop being so impatient with him.

TV Review: “Genius: Aretha”

Here’s my review of the Aretha Franklin bio-series that aired this week on NatGeo (and is streaming on Hulu), bolstered by a great performance by Cynthia Erivo that couldn’t cover up the flaws in the production.

POTD: George Segal

Long before he worked on sitcoms, George Segal (who died today at 87) was a movie star with a long list of credits. He and his banjo also made numerous TV appearances, including this one that’s my Picture Of The Day.

What I’m Watching

Looking for something to watch? Here are mini-reviews of five streaming shows I’ve seen recently which you may want to add to your queue.

My Oatmeal Problem

I hate oatmeal. The problem is I can’t remember I hate oatmeal so, every few years, I try it again. Like I did this week.

Movie Review: “The Courier”

Here’s my review of a new movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch as a British businessman recruited to befriend a Soviet intelligence officer who wanted to leak nuclear weapons plans to the west in the era of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

MYMNK: “Working Man”

The newest title on my Movies You Might Not Know list is a small story with the great character actor Peter Gerety as a factory worker who refuses to stop doing the job just because the plant is closed down. Here’s my review.

Mr. Cassette

Upon hearing of his death at 94, here’s a tribute to the man who invented the first audio format that made our music collections portable.

How Is Katie Couric?

Several people have asked my opinion of Katie Couric’s stint as guest host of “Jeopardy!” Here’s my response, including why she won’t get the job permanently.

Three Random Thoughts

Quickies on an actor I was surprised did not get an Oscar nomination yesterday, a change for the positive in Las Vegas, and the career caveat my wife and I gave our daughter when she was a baby.